SEN 1443

Table of Contents - SEN 1442

  1. 2011 WC Info and Date change
  2. Bradley Update
  3. Beeper Suggestion

2011 World Champ Info and date change

Dear Roger.
I want to inform to free flight community  that we made a slight modification in World Championships dates.
New date is: May 2nd. to May 9th, 2011. This modification was due to last minute conversations with Embalse's field farmer.
There will be a World Cup event in April 30/May 1st.
Complementary information will be released as soon as CIAM Bureau approves Bulletin 0.
Best Regards
Daniel H. Iele
Embalse 2011 Free Flight World Championships
General Director

Jim Bradley Update

As a result of Jim's motor cycle accident during the F1B Finals flyoff he has been admitted to the hospital in Orland Fl.
Doctors at Florida Hospital South will be working on correcting the bleeding and swelling in his right leg.

Unobtainium - beeper suggestion

hello all

I use a Sonitron LC13 beeper, weight 1.5g, 2-6V, only 1mA current so a very small battery is sufficient for a full flying day. It is built into my timer and serves as indicator for the settings until DT, then it is set to sound until the timer is reset or switched off. (the timer uses more battery power than the beeper ...).

 Greetings from Austria

Klaus W. Salzer

Roger Morrell