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Table of Contents - SEN 1447

  1. On F1A flyoff blues
  2. F1E Team Selection
  3. missing the bath tub
  4. ADo6 plugs
  5. more F1A Blues and Haggis update
  6. Gunder goes scale

Re: F1A Flyoff Blues

Ken, the good news is that I think entire F1A flyers having the same dilemma on each flyoff.

From my impressions, the way I decide on the flyoff tactics is estimating the air conditions before the flyoff;

-      If it's strong thermal conditions, it's better for me to have no risks and fly with the herd (mostly downwind), most of these flyoffs having enough brave flyers upwind.

-      If the weather condition is weak in compare to the max time, then the tactic depends on the evaluation of the other flyers' performance, if I feel a good chance I'm focusing on the flyer I estimate with the highest performance and try to catch the same air, if I feel disadvantageous I try to find different air.

However, one of the major important thing for me, is to keep an adjustable mind for change of conditions, decide and act immediately, therefore I tend to agree with you that a situation of leaving the downwind after a few minutes to pick more air possibilities might be very helpful. (I think I had that luck on 2008 EC last flyoff J)


Lior Bachar


The F1E Team Finals were scheduled for Aug. 28-30 near Flagstaff, AZ. Unfortunately the wind there at North Sheba Crater blew at more than 20mph so that only 1 flight of each the 7 participants could be recorded. Therefore a new date was sanctioned for Lost Hills, CA. On Sept. 28 on Holloway Hill the wind speed was between 0 and 6mph with temperatures in the afternoon above 100°F. There we were able to fly 5 more rounds. The maxes for all 6 flights were 180 seconds.
The 2011 F1E World Championships are scheduled for Zlatibor, Serbia in June. However, because of some problems the 2011 F1E World Champs could be awarded to Slovakia (Martin) when CIAM Bureau meets in December.
These are the final results:
1. David Saks, CA              546.36%
2. Thomas Ioerger, NV       453.23%
3. Robert Sifleet, PA          417.18%
4. John Oldenkamp, CA      376.29% 
5. Richard Wood, AZ          253.16%
6. Larry Miller, CA              179.80%
7. Roderick Ioerger, AZ          4.44%
Peter Brocks, CD

Virtual Aircraft Museum - missing the bath tub


No aircraft museum is complete without showing the Aeronca C-2 (flying bathtub) that was the first to usher in General Aviation in 1929. It was designed by a modeller from New York by the name of Jean Roach. This museum is not complete as the C-2 isn't shown.


Gil Morris

AD .06 glow plugs

I am currently running an AD.06 in my F1J models and am almost out of glow plugs.  If anyone knows what glow plug (seems to be a button style with steel clamping ring and looks similar to a standard Nelson Plug) this motor uses would you let me know please.  Could it be a two piece Nelson plug ? If anyone knows where I can purchase plugs for this motor would you let me know please either by a reply to SEN or my email address.


John Lewis

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Re: Bauer's Fly-Off Blues. 

Saint SCAT, 

My technique for avoiding the fly-offs blues is to screw-up on the rounds flights, thus totally avoiding the fly-off and all the hassle it brings. If I screw-up on the screw-up and reach a fly-off I simply relax by getting high on Haggis.

Cordially, EoB

BTW EoB - we are working on a new Lost Hills gourmet delight - rattlesnake haggis , watch for it at Sloane's at the Maxmen...

Gunder goes scale  ...

... full scale that is, well known F1C and F1J sportsman Austin Gunder has been seen in a single seater Pitts.  The only question I have is how he gets in it. Even though he is no longer playing football and may have bulked down a bit, Austin is still a tall big guy.  The Pitts is a very small airplane and it must be more like Austin putting it on rather than getting in it.

Roger Morrell