SEN 1208 - 1 May 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1208 - 1 May 2008

  1. Sky Scrapers International, Memorial day
  2. Oldenkamp Observes
  3. Ed Exclaims
  4. More on BOMing or Not
  5.  ... and from Big John
  6. John Warren

Invitation to May 31-June 1 Contest at Barron Field

Fellow FreeFlighters,

You are invited to the Skyscraper International Challenge at Barron field May 31-June 1. Note that this year it is one week after the memorial day weekend.  The schedule of events is given below. Remember also that the Wilber and Orville Contest is June 14-15 and the Skyscraper Annual is July 5-6 (both also at Barron field in Wawayanda, New York).
Thermals! Andrew Barron

America's Cup and National Cup

May 31-June 1, 2008

Barron, Ford, and Shuback Fields
Wawayanda, New York


Saturday May 31:

F1G (small rubber), F1H (small glider), F1J (small power), F1Q* (electric).
America's Cup Competition
Round 1: 9:30-11:00am
Round 2: 10:30-12:00
Round 3: 11:30- 1:00
Round 4: 12:30- 2:00pm
Round 5: 1:30- 3:00pm
Flyoffs: 3:15pm --
*Note that F1Q will have a 15 second engine run.
All Saturday events (including F1Q) will have a 2 minute max.

Sunday June 1:

FAI events: F1A (glider), F1B (wakefield), F1C/P* (power).
America;s Cup competition
Round 1: 7:00- 8:30am Max 240 sec (weather permitting)
Round 2: 8:00- 9:30am Max 180 sec
Round 3: 9:00-10:30am Max TBA
Round 4: 10:00-11:30am
Round 5: 11:00-12:30pm
Round 6: 12:00-1:30pm
Round 7: 1:00-2:30pm
*Note that F1P will fly 7 rounds alonside F1C, with same max.
F1P motor run will be 7 seconds.

Contest Director: Dave Acton 914-948-4234
Assistant Directors: Lisa Pacelli and Andrew Barron 203-248-5386 Turn in scores between each flight.

National Cup Competition: (Note, all junior national cup events are included as separate sanctioned events, and results will be reported as such. Likewise for the various classic and nostalgia open events. The event combinations shown below are for local award purposes.)

Saturday May 31: 9am--5:00pm. [Awards at 5:00pm.] Hand Launch Glider, 1/2A Gas, Payload, AB Nostalgia, Mulvihill, Casano Rubber, Classic Towline.

Early Sunday:
Dawn Unlimited
Launch Window 6:30-6:45 am.

Sunday June 1: 8am to 3:30pm. [Awards at 3:30pm.] Catapult Glider, 1/2 A Classic, 1/2 A Nostalgia, P-30 Rubber, Pee-Wee 30 Power, AB Classic, E-36.


Open fliers pay $25 ($10 field use fee, plus $15 entry which covers unlimited number of AMA, NOS, SAM, and FAI events). Juniors and Seniors pay $15 total ($10 field use plus $5 entry).

Bryton Barron trophy for best junior performance by a model of the junior's own construction.


Flying Aces Club (FAC) Meet: Ed Pelatwoski, CD, 5 Belleview Terr., Ansonia, CT 06401 phone: 203-735-9494 AMA membership required. Fee $15 ($10 field use plus $5 entry) Fee good for both days and all events

SATURDAY: 9:00 to 4:00
1. W.W.I. Biplane Mass Launch
2. GHQ Peanut Scale
3. No-Cal Scale
4. FAC Dime Scale
5. FAC Golden Age Military & Civil Combined (3 flight total).

*. FAC Scale (either day)
*. FAC Jumbo/Giant Scale (either day)
*. Towline Scale (either day)

SUNDAY: 9:00 to 3:00
1. W.W.II. Mass Launch
2. Embryo Endurance
3. FAC Modern Military (3 flight total)
4. Greve Racer Mass Launch
5. Thompson and Bendix Combined Mass Launch


The field is on Orange County Route 12, in Wawayanda, six miles south of Route 17M near Middletown, NY. Nearby airports include Newburg, NY (30 min from field) or White Plains, NY; Hartford, CT; Newark, NY; Wilks-Barre-Scranton, PA; Albany, NY; or LaGuardia or JFK, New York, NY (all of which are not more than 2 hours from the field).

For directions, list of hotels, and field rules go to

Camping on field is encouraged.

Oldenkamp Observes

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The BOM: Ross Jahnk's spot-on analysis and support of the BOM elimination is arguably the best point of view expression to date. Thank you, sir.

Ed Exclaims

Ross I agree wholeheartedly. Where do I Vote?


More on BOMing or Not

To:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 'Daniel Berry'
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 10:18 AM
Subject: Re: BOM rule

Guys, I don't think we're working with valid equations, i.e., keeping the BOM=saving free flight or eliminating the BOM=saving free flight.  There are too many other larger variables like field access, inherent lack of appeal to youth, and lack of access to materials that mitigate against us. 
Hinging the continuity of free flight on the BOM rule is like spitting into the Allegheny to change the course of the Mississippi.  That is not to say that the arguments on both sides shouldn't be advanced.  That is to say that I'm not convinced that either keeping or disposing of the rule will result in any measurable differences in the success or continuity of the sport. 
Larry Kruse
Lawton, Oklahoma
Roger, this was my response to a discussion between Joe Mekina and Dan Berry re: the BOM.  I think it is appropo to Ross Jahnke's commentary today.  Feel free to use it--or not!
and from Big John...

Hi all....
The BOM is, as Ross stated, from days of old and I am afraid that the world has changed. If we, as Free Flight competitiors, want to perpetuate the world as we know it, I think it is time to get rid of the BOM. Maybe, if there is the feeling that we still need events in which the skill of the builder is paramount, why not keep all the Nostalgia events BOM and allow the others to be non-BOM. The technology that is available will further the AMA style events and allow the "purists" (Luddites) a series of events that would suit them.
Like it or not, we are an aging group and we need everyone we can get. Heck, even Ross is now an old guy (me even older!)! If the change allows more comeptitors, then more power to it. I know Gil and where he is coming from and somewhat agree with him. But, we don't have as many Gil style individuals entering our sport and need to look to the future.
Just my few cents worth...
John Lorbiecki

John Warren

Sad to read of the passing of John Warren.
A very fine person, craftsman, & flier, John was a Costa Mesa resident &
dentist for some of our friends.
As a SCAT member, in 2005 John was a member of our F1C World
Championship team, which we knew really pleased him.
SCAT Scribe