SEN 1214 - 17 May 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1214 - 18 May 2008

  1. Hoosier Cup 23-24 May
  2. Andrew on Estonia
  3. Rossi Screw Update
  4. Sal Cannizzo
  5. Gutai progress
  6. Gutai Get Better
  7. Beat the Vart ?
  8. 2009 World Champs Venue ?

Hoosier Cup May 23-24

From: Chuck Markos

The Chicago Aeronuts annual contest will be held in Muncie on the Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25.  A full schedule of AMA events as well as the usual FAI events will be flown for both National Cup and America's Cup points.  Mini-FAI events will be on Friday, May 23 starting at 1 pm.  F1A-B-C on Saturday.  A full contest bulletin is available on the NFFS website,
For those traveling, Muncie is on Eastern Daylight Savings time.  Also, the motel situation may be a bit dicey as the other sporting event that weekend known as the Indy-500 draws many fans to Muncie housing.  
The chase field at this time of year is about twice the size of the AMA property as crops in the surrounding fields are just beginning to sprout.  Permission must be sought from the property owners to retrieve aircraft.  I have found them to be quite friendly.
Chuck Markos

Andrew on Estonia

From: Andrew Barron


You ask for clue as to the performance advantage of Deniz Varhos.  Here are some observations about the flyoff flight at the Estonia Cup that I mentioned.  First he used a model with a wing of the style of M&K extra-long (though somewhat lighter in the tips), a Stamov style fuselage with customary magic timer (with an older style M&K mechanical hook), and a Stamov/Wobeking stab.  He had made repeated tests with altimeter back in Sweden on a frozen lake of size that only permitted one glide circle.  I think he said the height after climb was consistently 78 meters. The climb pattern does not go completely vertical so that not too much energy is needed to complete the bunt.  He uses a more open glide circle than others and a somewhat faster glide than minimally possible, tuned according to projected times from his lake tests. He took the altimeter out for the flyoff flights to slightly reduce nose weight. In the two flyoff flights his sink rate at his slightly faster speed was perhaps better than the other models.  His launch height was higher than most.


Rossi Screw Update

From: Bob Mattes

Want to thank those who responded to my request for the screw size for the Rossi 15 but would like to report what really is probably the correct size.  In setting up a few Rossi 15's with radial mounts I needed longer screws to pass through the backplate/radial mount .  The stock pan head Rossi screws measure right at 0.100 inch ( I apologize for mixing metric and English dimensions) which is  a couple thousands more than 2.2.5 mm.  Screws are generally a little smaller than the nominal diameter. Also the M2.5 x 0.45 screws I have from Micro Fasteners measured 0.0940 inches in diameter and screwed in just fine but wobble quite a bit. At that point I asked the question published in the news letter. 


I continued to look what is really the proper screw size and discovered that a socket head M2.6 screw is available although not at many places or in many different lengths.  Found that Grainger, an industrial supplier located in most major cities,  carries the M2.6 x 0.45 in 8, 10 and 12 mm lengths.  The stock Rossi head screws are 8 mm long and the backplate screws are 6 mm long.  Ordered 50 each of the 8 mm and 10 mm lengths  and they arrived yesterday.  They measure 0.0995 inches and fit much better than the M2.5 screws.  If you want some they can be obtained at Grainger.  Part numbers are 6CE44 and 6CE45 for the 8 and 10 mm lengths and cost about $12 for 50.


Although the strength difference between a M2.5 and M2.6 screw is not all that much using and undersize screw in a tapped hole can significantly reduce the torque required to strip out the threads in the aluminum casting.  Thread depth on a 0.45 pitch screw is only about 0.25 mm or 0.010 inches.  Use of the M2.5 screw in a M2.6 hole would therefore reduce radial thread engagement by about 0.003 inches out of 0.010 inches or 30% which should be directly proportional to pull-out strength.


Thanks again,



Sal Cannizzo

From: Krine Laffler

The Passing of a Legend


Two days ago my lifetime dear friend and former flying partner Sal Cannizzo, at age  80  passed on after battling cancer for the past year! Sal and his wife spent Christmas at my home all the way back in 1955 and we flew together for many,many years.l think l am correct in saying he was the only freeflight  flyer that was a member on three  U S Freeflight Teams in  three differnt events such as first Wakefield,then Power and in later years the Indoor team!

Sal was always humble man and overwhelmed by the fact being born of immigranrt parents and working as a sanatation worker in NYC that he was so openly accepted in our hobby as an equal and spoke to me of this many times.After WWll  he learned to fly under the Gl Bill and was a competent glider pilot even building his own craft.As an ardent free flighter he found some things he did not and  like and redesigned and rebuilt the tail asssembly on his glider that he was flying and to this day it is know as the Casnnizzo Conversion. l will never go out to fly again without feeling the spirit of my good friend and this lovely man.......Thermals Sal and Happy Landings


Krine Laffler MA 859

Gutai progress

From: Bill Lovins

  Bob came home from the hospital May 16th and is resting comfortably. I'm sure that he will be back "on line" soon.
                                                       Bill Lovins

Bob Gutai Get better!

From: John Lorbiecki

Bob, you are too crusty to get sick! Get better man.....Will miss seeing your smiling face at Muncie. Hopefully will see you at the NATS...
Bob has been one of my son's main assests in achieving what he/we have done. There were constant phone calls and emails back and forth in our formative days of F1J flying and he always had an answer, of course followed by some comment. Made life interesting.
It always seems that we wait until something bad has happened before we realize what folks have done for us. Times like this make us thankful for all the help we have gotten throughout our modeling careers. I guess it just means we should take some time and just say a simple thank you to all that have mentored us. I know our list is long and distinguished....
So, Robert, get outta the hospital and back to the field!!
John Lorbiecki

Beat the Vart Fun Fly @ Nats!

From: Lee Hines

Are you ready for more Fun Fly @ The Nats?
Well, I am honored and proud to announce...

The 2008 Beat the Vartanian Fun Fly!

It will be held during the Nats on an evening
after normal prizegiving is over, as per the prior 2 years.

The rules are simple.
Any Catapult Glider with 12" maximum wing span,
weighing more than 10 grams may be flown.
Launcher per AMA stick and rubber rule.

Heats of mass launches will result in a final for all the marbles!
Any flier beating my Vartanian timed bogie flight gets a special
piece of launcher rubber!

Extra!!! Raffle!
Only a Buck per ticket for your chance to win a kit of Red Mo 12,
last years' winner of Beat the Vart trophy!
Proceeds will be donated to a worthy cause [TBD...Suggestions?].

That's it, be there for the FUNFLY, or know the rest...

yr hmbl srvnt,
CD of 'Beat the Vart 2008 [also Chief Cook & Bottle Washer]

The Leeper

2009 World Champs Venue
From:The Leaper

CHE & I are inquiring at to the location of 2009 World Championships
for FF Models.
On current FAI/CIAM Competitions webpage it gives TBA as to date and venue.
Last I heard it was to be Croatia, but does anyone know for sure?

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Roger Morrell