SEN 1216 - 26 May 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1216 - 26 May 2008

  1. FFF - 2009 Sequel - Biggles
  2. Andy Crisp's World of Free Flight Model Aircraft
  3. MMM 14 Rounder - Etherington
  4. The whole world is a stage - Veronika Salzer
  5. Old Sympos available again - Stalick

F/F Forum - 2009 Sequel:

Rumors already abound that next year's excellent British F/F Forum publication, will indeed include a follow-up to this year's "Indoor Wood Selection" article by the renowned scribe laureate, Bob Bailey, on the subject of, yes you've guessed it:  "Outdoor Wood Selection" ! Bob is planning a compendium of challenging Wood Selecting scenarios, which will surely make this the only article on the subject you will ever need to read !  Chapters will include: Selecting Wood while not Indoors; Selecting Wood on a Foggy Day, Selecting Wood while in Kansas; Selecting Wood in a Hailstorm; Extreme Wood Selecting; Selecting Wood while backpacking through the Everglades; The Effects of Lunar Phases on Night Time Wood Selecting; Selecting Wood above Force 8 on the Beaufort Scale; Selecting Wood during the Monsoons; Selecting Wood during the Winter months in Antarctica; Selecting Wood while attempting to climb both Peaks of Kilimanjaro; and perhaps the greatest challenge known to mankind: Selecting Wood while Weightless during a Space Walk on a Shuttle Mission when low on Oxygen.  We wish Bob all speed at producing what is sure to be the best seller in the annals of F/F Journalism, and so please forward your most demanding Wood Selection challenges to Bob for inclusion in this definitive volume, via the ether of this esteemed SEN.

-  Biggles

Andy Crisp's World of Free-Flight Model Aircraft

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Roger,

While not FAI orientated I hope this might be of interest to subscribers given the interest being expressed in Classic recently.

Wishing you all the best.
David Brawn

'Andy Crisp's World of Free-Flight Model Aircraft'
isbn 1-84834-000-8 £2.99 as a digital download pdf file in A4 page format.

One of Britain's best known Free Flight aeromodellers has brought together his collection of 35 designs, ranging from catapult gliders up to British record holder F1A glider. Covering Gliders (F1H, F1A, chuck, catapult, and Disco), Rubber powered (F1G, F1B), Power (Slow Open Power designs and a powered tailless), along with Andy's note on each model and a Foreword by David Brawn totalling 47 A4 pages.
All plans are scaled to an A4 page with full size aerofoils allowing users to reproduce the plans at full size and replicate Andy Crisp's style of construction.

A must for all free-flight aeromodelling afficionados at £2.99; on-line payment by credit-card or PayPal, or on CD at £4.00 from David Brawn at UK comps.
Published as a downloadable pdf file in A4 page format by Instant-Books UK Ltd; see

Digital publishing presents a tremendous opportunity to make specialist information available worldwide at low cost combined with Instant Delivery. Andy's book of plans is our first niche publication and I am interested to hear of similar projects which would make specialist Free-Flight information available. Instant-Books UK Ltd is a commercial business but I am happy to pass on such expertise as I have to others considering digital publishing/distribution while being personally interested in seeing 'Plans Handbooks' of Vintage and Classic models becoming available digitally - possibly with
David Brawn This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

David Brawn
Biggles Free Flight Team
Discovery Walking Guides Ltd
Instant-Books UK Ltd

MMM 14 Rounder

From:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those planning on coming to the MMM 14-Rounder in Colorado, I have a
few corrections/updates. The "2008 FF Contest Calendar" published in the
newest Digest shows the contest as America's Cup but omits that it is also
National Cup and will offer all the NC events. Also, my phone number is:
303-646-3705. The "banquet" will be Friday night at 7:00 (instead of
Saturday as shown on the flyer). The venue will be the private clubhouse
of a condo complex where one of our members, Mel Gray, lives. This
laid-back affair is going to be catered by Hickory House BBQ. Maps will be
available at the field.

Anyone needing a contest flyer, please email or call me. Thanks.

- Chuck Etherington

The whole world is a stage  or   The whole world is a field

 Veronika Salzer

Judy: Would you go to model airplane competition if it were my hobby?

Punch: Nooo, yesss....
Judy: Yes or no?

A car, in the car a mini stage made from cardboard, a puppet theatre. The puppeteer is Mike, the son of a flying dad. Judy and Punch exist for many years, since may 9th, 1662. The international contest in the United Kingdom on may 10th and 11th 2008 is 16 years old. Organized in turns by Mike Woodhouse, Gerry LeVey, Phil Roughton, Mick Howick, Peter Watson and Peter Williams, always supported by their wives and children.

Not always in the same place. In the beginning on Salisbury Plain, then in Middle Wallop, in Barkston Heath, in Sculthorpe, and again on Salisbury plain. And also not always in the same season – from Easter to the summer to autumn and back to May.

Always a great contest, this time even with sunshine, hurrah – summer in the United Kingdom. Isn’t that the most beautiful present for mother’s day? In fact, for German speaking mothers only, the British mothers celebrated on 2nd May already. Never mind, a whole lot of women on the field, juchuuu! Not only Judy, but women who

·         helped organizing

·         timed flights

·         flew themselves

·         knitted pullovers

·         enjoyed the sun

·         read

·         talked

·         relaxed

·         retrieved model airplanes


Punch: I have a Test for you.

Judy: Give!

1. Question: Did you know before marrying that your future husband is an aero modeler?

yes (5 Points)          no (1 point)

2. Question: Have you accompanied him to a contest?

yes (5 Points)          no (1 point)

3. Question: Are you happy, when your husband is away without you?

yes (2 Points)          no (5 points)

4. Question: With whom or what do you occupy yourself when he is away?

cleaning (2 points)   children (5 points)
Friend (0 points)

5. Question: Can you imagine to come along and just relax there ...

yes (10 Points)        no (0 points)


more than 30 points: back to school!
30 points: perfect modeler’s wife.
ca. 15 points: Come join us occasionally!
less than 5 points: Right you are, but in danger of getting divorced!

Never mind the number of points, the main thing is that your marriage works .... at least as well as the youngest category F1Q, in which we enjoyed a close but funny victory on this day.

Punch: Dear Judy, I did not forget, that we again had our anniversary. Would you want to change anything in our marriage?

Judy: Change? We have had so many changes in the past, ups and downs, like all marriages. It is important, that after soooo many years we are still content together.

Punch and Judy: Ladies and Gentlemen, we ask for your applause for ... the Hero of Stonehenge, applause for Martin Gregorie, who not only comes to our stage, but also to our field like a real hero after his severe gliding accident! Congratulations!

Old Sympos Available Again:

NFFS Publications Services has just received a fresh batch of old Sympos, which will be for sale at $10 each plus shipping. See the NFFS website <> for a listing. Also received were some copies of the out-of-print NFFS Winning Indoor Designs book, written by Ralph Knight and G.R. Nolin in 1989. This book has been out of stock for over 3 years. It is once again available at the bargain price of $10 each until sold out. For further info, contact Bob Stalick at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> As usual, purchase is by check or money order from NFFS Publications, PO Box 1775, Albany, OR 97321.

Roger Morrell