SEN issue 1076 - 28 Feb 2007

SEN issue 1076 - 28 Feb 2007

Table of Contents

Lost F1J
America's Cup Update 2007 - Parker
2007-2008 Jr Team News. - Parker Batiuk and Ellis
F1Q performance - Linkosalo
MMM web site... - Lovins et al

Lost F1J

Dear Roger,

Kenny Oliver lost his F1J at the Maxmen. He has returned and rented a flight
in a Cessna 172 for a couple of hours to no avail. If any one is down at Lost
Hills and happens to find it please contact Kenny at 916-530-2017.

David Halliday

Please post on sen.

America's Cup Update 2007

Jim Parker

Thank you all who attended the 2006 American Cup banquet. A great time of fellowship as we recognized
the great flying performances of 2006. The following day, the first three contests of the 2007 season
was complete. Some interesting takeoffs have taken place. Brian VanNest is in first in F1A with 2 wins
and a second. Alex Andriukov leads F1B with two 30 point wins. Bob Gutia is in first in F1C with a
win and a second, welcome back Bob. As you might thin, Cody Secor leads F1P with three wins but
Anthony Ferrario has placed second in two flyoff wit Cody and is getting closer. F1G has Dick Woods i
n first with a first and two fourth places. A first, second and third places puts Mike McKeever
in the F1H lead. There is a tie in F1J- Ed Carroll and Mike Roberts and in F1E- Brian VanNest
and Peter Brocks. Frank Pollard leads F1Q with two wins.

As usual, send correction This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jim Parker

America Cup results - with individual placings

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 20 Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 19 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 30 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 VanNest, Brian 75 SWR-1 Ike-2 MM-3
2 McKeever, Mike 40 SWR-4 MM-2
3 Barron, Andrew 30 SWR-3 MM-5
3 Brocks, Peter 30 Ike-1
3 Jones, Kyle (Jr) 30 MM-1
6 Parker, Jim 25 SWR-2
7 Secor, Randy 20 Ike-3
8 Lenartowicz, C 15 Ike-4
8 Spence, Steve 15 MM-4
10 Bauer, Ken 10 SWR-5
10 Farmer, Jim 10 Ike-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 14 Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 22 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 34 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 Andriukov, Alex 60 Ike-1 MM-1
2 Jensen, Blake 48 SWR-2 MM-2
3 Horak, Ladi 40 Ike-2 MM-4
4 Jones, Charles 28 SWR-1
5 Rohrke, Rich 23 SWR-4 Ike-5
6 Sessums, John 20 MM-3
6 Tymchek, Bob 20 Ike-3
8 Bradley, Jim 18 SWR-3
9 Davis, Mike 15 Ike-4
10 Raymond. Joel 10 MM-5
11 Emery, Jack 8 SWR-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 7 Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 14 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 20 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 Gutai, Bob 53 Ike-2 MM-1
2 Carroll, Ed 39 SWR-4 Ike-1
3 Mennano, Guy 33 Ike-4 MM-2
4 Archer, Randy 26 SWR-1
5 Kerger, Terry 21 SWR-2
6 Gewain, Matt 20 MM-3
7 Mathis, Dick 18 Ike-3
8 Chesson, Don 16 SWR-3
9 Roberts, Mike 15 MM-4
10 Poti, Norm 10 MM-5
11 Simpson, Roger 8 Ike-4
12 Pulley, Lynn 6 SWR-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 13 Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 7 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 19 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 Wood, Dick 44 SWR-5 Ike-5 MM-1
2 Vanlandingham, Ed 41 Ike-2 MM-3
3 Crowley, Paul 33 SWR-3 MM-4
4 Brocks, Peter 28 SWR-1
5 Belfield, Mark* 26 Ike-3 MM-5
5 VanNest, Kurt 26 Ike-1
7 Schroedter, George 25 MM-2
8 O'Dell, Tiffany 24 SWR-4 Ike-4
9 Emery, Jack 23 SWR-2

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 5 Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 3 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 8 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 McKever, Mike 61 SWR-3 Ike-2 MM-1
2 VanNest, Brian 40 SWR-1 Ike-3
3 Smith, Norm 35 SWR-4 Ike-1
4 Hines,Lee 21 MM-2
5 Parker, Dallas (Jr) 20 SWR-2
6 Davis, Jon 16 MM-3
7 Parker, Jim 11 MM-4
8 Thompson, Mike 6 MM-5
9 Tetrick, Logan 5 SWR-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 4 Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike -x- Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 10 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 Carroll, Ed 25 SWR-1
1 Roberts, Mike 25 MM-1
3 Kerger, Terry 20 SWR-2
3 Gutai, Bob 20 MM-2
5 Archer, Randy 15 SWR-3
5 Mennano, Guy 15 MM-3
7 Robertson, Tony 10 SWR-4
7 Parker, Faust 10 MM-4
9 Morris, Gil 5 MM-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 2 Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 4 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 3 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 Secor, Cody (jr) 75 SWR-1 Ike-1 MM-1
2 Ferrario, Anthony (jr) 40 Ike-2 MM-2
3 Ferrario, Rocco 30 Ike-3 MM-3
4 Kerger, Terry 20 SWR-2
5 Parsons, Dave 10 Ike-4

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x- Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 1 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
MM 2 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 Pollard, Frank 50 Ike-1 MM-1
2 Schlosberg, Aram 20 MM-2

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x- Southwest Regionals- Eloy ,AZ
Ike 6 Winter Classic- Lost Hills, CA
Cal 6 MaxMen 14 Rounder- Lost Hills, CA

1 VanNest, Brian 45 Ike-1 Cal-2
1 Brocks, Peter 45 Ike-2 Cal-1
3 Furutani, Norm 30 Ike-3 Cal-3
4 Woods, Dick 15 Ike-4 Cal-5
5 Bauer, Ken 10 Cal-4
6 Parsons, Dave 5 Ike-5

2007-2008 Jr Team News.

The 2006-2008 Jr Team Selection Program has been approved and hard copies are
available from Lisa Johnson at AMA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A copy of the
program is provided below but the format gets messed up for posting here on SEN.
NFFS should have it posted on the web site soon.

The first 3 AmCup contests are complete and so here are the initial standings.
Twenty seven more AmCup contest with several Jr + contests being planned:,
2 in MN, 1 in AZ (Eloy), 1 in Northern CA (Waegle) and 1 in NY (Wayawanda).
Get your local clubs to contact me to schedule more Jr+ contests. Remember
that I post all Jr flyer's scores the best I understand them until the NATs.
After the NATs I only publish the JRs who have registered. Jrs are required to
fly at the PreNATs and NATs in order to make the team.

Farmer, Joey 1, 200.0
Tetrick, Logon 2, 170.9
Jones, Kyle 3, 100.0
Farmer, Sam 4, 94.4
Cai, Oliver 5, 91.3
Barron, Timothy 6, 85.7
Archer, Ryan 7, 68.6

F1B- no scores posted

Secor, Cody 1, 200.0
Ferrario, Athony 1, 200.0

Also, remember that Walt Ghio is running the F1P and F1B Jr development programs.
Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Several Jr have already gotten the 200 pts for AmCup / JR+ contests. Others have a
good start. Plenty of time and contests left. Not too early to start thinking
about the PreNats/NATs contest. The Nats FF dates are July 29- Aug 5. Hopefully
the FF NATs dates will be announced soon. It's 99 % that the Pre-NATs will be on
July 29. The F1A and B will likely be on the same days as last year. F1P will
likely be flown with F1C.

Jr Team Selection Committee
Jim Parker This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
George Batiuk
Art Ellis


The junior team selection program exists to provide a substantial opportunity to
young Free Flight modelers who have demonstrated a high degree of interest in the
sport and the willingness to continually improve their flying skills and the
performance of their models. They must demonstrate a degree of proficiency of
competing with their models without direct adult involvement. The purpose of
this program is to provide a fair process of selecting the Junior Free Flight
flyers to compete in the Junior FAI Free Flight World Championship currently
scheduled for the summer of 2008 in Poland.

1.0 Program Entry

-A participant must have a current AMA membership.
- Any person who will be under the age of 19 throughout the entire calendar year
of 2008 is eligible.
- Participants are to send a program entry application (Form A) postmarked on or
before July 1, 2007 to the AMA. This requirement is needed to facilitate the planning
for timers at the pre-Nats selection contest. On-field entry will be accepted with
a 50$ late fee. Other than the late application fee, there is no monetary charge
for Junior Team selection program entry.

-The AMA license fee and any contest entry fees are the responsibility of the
entrant. The events to be flown are F1A Nordic, F1B Wakefield, and F1P Power.

2.0 Junior Team Selection Committee

The Free Flight Team Selection Committee (TSC) will govern the Junior Program.
The TSC shall appoint a Junior Team Selection Committee (JrTSC), which is to be
composed of three or four open flyers. The JrTSC members will hold the following
positions at a minimum: Administrator, Manager, Scorekeeper and Fund Raiser. It
is also desired to have one JrTSC member in the East, Central and West part of
the country. Interested individuals should contact the JrTSC Chairman after the
proceeding Junior World Championships.

3.0. Team Selection

The USA Junior FAI Free Flight Team Selection Program (JrTSP) for the 2008 World
Championships will run concurrently with the start and finish of the 2007 America’s
Cup season. The program is based on a 400-point program. Contestant’s will
earn up to 100- points for each of his or her two best 2007 America’s Cup or
Junior Plus (Jr+) contests, up to 100-points at the Jr Team Selection 2007
Pre-Nats contest and up to 100-points at the 2007 Nats. Up to 10 additional
Jr+ contest may be added to the thirty 2007 AmCup contests. The Jr+ designated
contests will be announced via Jr Team Bulletins. Jr Team Bulletins will be posted
on SCAT Electronic News (SEN) and the NFFS website under Competition / Junior as
needed. The Nats contest cannot be used as an AC contest.

400 Total Maximum Points = 100 points Nats +100 points Pre-Nats + 100 points 1st
best AmCup/Jr Plus + 100 points 2nd best AmCup/Jr Plus

If F1P is not an official event at the Nats, Jr F1P flyers will fly their F1P(s)
in the regularly scheduled F1C event using 10-second engine run, 3-minute max and
7 rounds. Possible changes will be clarified and communicated using JrTSC Bulletins
and the NFFS website.

3.1 Ties

In the event of a tie at the completion of the last 2007 AmCup contest, the
participant’s finishing position in the 2007 pre-Nats contest will determine the
final top three team positions and alternate position.

3.2 Calculation of points.

Points are proportional to the winning contest time. The winning time of the seven
regularly scheduled rounds of a contest (that is, fly-off time is not included) will
establish the time for 100 points. All AmCup/Jr+ contest entrants’ scores (i.e.
including the open contestants) will be used to calculate the points. Points will
be calculated by rounding to the nearest tenth of a point. In the event of
extenuating circumstance at the Pre-Nats or Nats that prevent five rounds from
being completed at either or both of the contests, the scores will be given to
the JrTSC who will determine how the scores will be used to determine individual

Example, Point Calculations:

Contestants Time Points
A-Winning Time 1252 100.0
D 1249 99.8
B 1230 98.2
C 1203 96.1
G 1143 91.3
F 1140 91.1
E 996 79.6

3.3 Contest requirements for points.

For points to be awarded, the contest must complete a minimum of 5 rounds as demonstrated
by at least one official flight time recorded in each of the 5 rounds. For contests with
more than seven rounds scheduled, the first seven round scores will be used to calculate
points. A max-out minimum average of 2 minutes per round is required.

3.4 Minimum performance level.

Each participant selected for the team is expected to achieve at least 300 points out
of the possible 400 points in the final scoring. Participation in the Pre-Nats and
Nats is required.

3.5 America’s Cup and Junior Plus contests

All 2007 America’s Cup and Junior Plus (Jr+) contests may be used to earn points in the
JrTS program regardless of Jr TS program entrance date. That is retro active scoring
will be done. Junior Plus (Jr+) contest must be approved by the JrTSC and announced
approximately 30 days before the Jr+ contest. That is, no contests will be declared

3.6 Pre-Nats Contest

On Sunday, before the start of the 2007 Nats, a special junior selection program
contest (pre-Nats) will be held. The intention is to run a seven-round, one-hour
long rounds contest with three-minute maxes starting at 8:00 am. Changes will be
communicated using JrTSC Bulletins and the NFFS website. An flyoff will be flown to
conclusion with the results to be used to break ties if needed.

3.6.1 Special restrictions and conditions at the pre-Nats Contest

The intent of the pre-Nats contest is for the junior participants to demonstrate
their flying skills and proficiency. Adult involvement will be limited and individual
pole positions and timers will be assigned.

- Access to the flight line will be limited to juniors entered in the program and
officials and official designated timers and helpers only. An area near the junior
flight line will be designated for adult viewing. Junior participants shall not receive
outside communication while on the flight line or when towing in the case of F1A.
- An adult that is not affiliated with the Jr flyer may do the initial launch to
start the towing of an F1A. This adult must not intervene with any Jr while on the
flight line. Specifically, they are not to check the model for flight worthiness
and should not have any part in the decision when to launch..
- If outside communication is deemed by the Contest Director (CD) to have potentially
influenced a flight, the CD will void the flight in question and a re-flight will be
given. However, additional time will not be added to the round.
- The junior participant may leave the flight line and receive help from non-program
- No special restrictions or conditions will apply during the AmCup or Nats events.

3.7 Official team designation.

The top three junior flyers will be required to complete the AMA team membership
agreement form, which will be sent from AMA. The final announcement of the junior
team will then be made for the 2008 Junior World Championships. It is the prerogative
of the JrTSC not to select a full 9-member team as deemed appropriate due to the
qualifications of the applicants per paragraph 3.4 and/or funding constraints. The
JrTSC will also maintain the authority to place late entrants in un-contested Junior
Team positions.

4.0 Team and Travel Requirements

Team members must have a current NAA membership (FAI Stamp), along with a passport
for both travel and to verify age as required by the FAI. The
Academy of Model Aeronautics requires that all minors have a parent or legal guardian
with them during the Jr. World Championship trip. A legal guardian must have a
documented power of attorney, commit to traveling with the minor, and be responsible
for the minor for the entire trip. The Junior Team Manager must submit to a background
check in compliance with AMA regulations. The Junior Team Manager has the discretion
to accept or not to accept the legal guardianship of a minor if so

5.0 Financial Requirements

AMA will provide up to $400 for travel to and from World Championship per team
member and up to 900 Swiss Franc for World Championship entry fees, room and board
per team member. Donations will be sought to offset any additional costs of travel
and competitions. However, it will be the responsibility of the team member to pay
for any costs if donation funds are not available.

7.0 Certification of Models

Team member’s models must have an identifying voucher on the model and a Class F
Aeromodels Specification Certificate filled out per the FAI Sporting Code for each
model. Vouchers and Specification Certificates are available through AMA
Headquarters. The team member’s models must also have “USA” and the flyer’s
AMA number on the upper surface of the wing(s) as specified in the FAI Sporting
Code. Other regulations, as specified for that model type in the FAI Sporting
Code must be certified on the voucher.


Date Completed:

Entrant’s Name: AMA#


City, State & Zip:

Telephone Number:

Email Address:

Date of Birth:

Junior Team Event(s):

Parent/Guardian Name(s):
Optional: Please provide a 200-word summary of your modeling experience and your
interest in the Junior Team Program. A 5 x 7-inch photo of you with a model should
be included. This information and photo will be used on the Junior Team Web site
and other model aircraft publications to promote the Junior Team Program.

Mail Completed Form to:

Academy of Model Aeronautics
Attn: Lisa Johnson
5161 East Memorial Drive
Muncie, Indiana 47302

F1Q performance
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last autumn I got a phonecall from a RC friend who asked for advice about
setting up a floater glider, with "2.5m span and open carbon structure
with undercambered airfoil". That sounded a bit suspicios, so he confessed
that indeed it was a F1C wing. in addition he had a Hacker brushless motor
and a 72gram lipo motor battery, so I immediately got excited, as his
model fits the F1Q rules and this would give first-hand data about the
potential performance. Especially as he mentioned that he does not like to
run the motor for 20+ seconds, as the model gets too high... Once he got
the model finished I handed him a logger to take into a flight, and now I
got some first hand measurement data from the model, weighting 600 grams.

The climb speed was 5.6 m/s resulting in 145 meters of altitude in 25
seconds. The sinking speed was about 0.4m/s, so a full climb would
translate into a 6 1/2 minutes flight in still air.

So far, so good.

The catch is, that he used an old lipo battery, only able to provide about
10C (around 9 amps) of current. Newer lipos are capable up to 20C, and
pushing the battery up to that lever would double the input power of the
motor. Assuming concervatively that the climb speed is limited by drag,
doubling the power would increase the climb speed by a factor of 1.4. This
would take the model to 200 meters in 25 seconds, and the still air time
would increase to 9+ minutes.

When the rules were proposed I was suggesting that the class will be
overpowered, and I think this proves the case. The only question remaining
is: who will be the first to build a folder-F1Q and take the performance
into further spferes?


Ps. I sent this message to both Free Flight Mailing List
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and the SCATter.

MMM web site...
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We now have a dedicated server for the MMM web site. Please re-set your
link for the MMM website to the old link was a forward
from previous web host transfers. If you haven't done this you may still
be looking at an older version. It didn't occur to me until I hit an
old bookmark (favorite) on my list. link is updated
and should have a picture of Dave Ramsey with a yellow Cub.