SEN issue 1110 - 5 July 2007

Table of contents - SEN 1110

  1. More on Seeligs
  2. The Brits Injury List
  3. Seelig Thanks
  4. Papa John on the Champs
  5. Looking for Odessa 2007 Photos
More on Seeligs
On Seeligs:  A clean timer could still stop. One fix I remember was a thin brass disc to separate the spring from the adjacent mechanism. I'd sure ask Doug Galbreath if he will still fix 'em. The oiling rules I recall were to put one drop of Marvel Mystery Oil on each bearing, and some on the spring. Or maybe not on the spring. It's been a long time. I usually hosed the timers out with starting fluid (ether, mostly), outdoors.
I notice that the poster's email address is no longer given, so a direct response is not possible.  Spam prevention, I suppose. Sad...
Thermals, Steve Helmick


the senders address was not intentionally ommited.   It just happens that way sometimes.  What saddens me more is that people reply to the sender and not to SEN so everyone does not get the benefit of their wisdon.


The Brits Injury List

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General SCAT,

Whilst purusing your new organ I came across the following statement :-

"Hard luck team was the UK, who had one broken arm, a twisted ankle, a Stafford high tension power lines incident, Alan Jack had mid air with his F1C – the other model came out OK!, plus the usual stuff."

This is a tremendous slur on our fine team ! All the actions noted were planned and executed to perfection under the control of our management team. I demand an apology.



ooppps, sorry I forgot to give you credit for getting Victor to organize the beer party at the camp site and to crank the wind up Stonehenge speeds [fortunately as the event progressed the people tired so the cranking speed and hence the wind speed reduced !] ... and it was not reflection on Biff Ma's fine management team but one can only do so much with the material provided


Seelig Thanks
From: "EDWARD MATE" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Thanks much Rex... and as it turns out Steve Helmick too

Ed Mate

 A review of the 2007 WC

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The 2007 WC is now history and John and I have alot of people to thank. It was a great experience for a young man and all the team members made it tremendous. The entire F1C team took John under their wing and the results show it. Even though we dropped one flight (162 seconds), the end results showed that the kid can fly in a world class contest. Fast Richard presented John with Fast Richard advice ("kid, ya need more power!"), Ron McDerrmet showed him the way ("better change those fuel lines"), and Bucky Servaites showed him how to be cool. Then there was our new friend, Formula One driver Mike "Swerve at you before changing lanes and whipping the finger" McKeever. Plus, the entire F1B and F1A team providing excellent chasing skills.
Finally, we have the team managers of Blake Jensen (and Tiffany) and Jim Parker. They provided everything we needed (except fuel, but they did a search and rescue mission and got us what we needed) plus got us where we needed to be when we needed to be there. I know all the work behind the scenes to do what they did and we really appreciate it.
The contest itself was run very well with the conditions presented. The mini-tornado/micro burst that molested the field presented one of the wierdest things I have ever seen. Fast Richard was very "concerned" as was Eugene Verbitsky (he stated to us that he was scared during the storm). Then there was the vast amount of wind that plagued the event for the entire two weeks. I think that Victor Stamov did the best he could and managed it properly.
As many may know, the reason we got to go was because John was the previous F1J World Champ and because of a rule change, he was able to attend the next WC as champ. But, because he was too old for the juniors, he went to the open competition. If he had flown F1A or F1B, it wouldn't be bad because he would have been able to fly the same planes. However, because he flew F1J, he needed to convert over to F1C. Here is where there is some doubt in my mind if this is a good deal.
We had only one F1C model and had to redo our entire program to get ready. It proved to be quite a bit of work to do this. F1J models are a reasonable facsimile to F1C, but F1P is vastly different. I am almost of the opinion that unless the junior flyer has alot of backing and experince flying F1C (John has flown F1C for a while) it will creat a problem to have a "normal" kid do this. Maybe some thinking needs to be done with the next junior that runs into this. I won't say that John is special (Austin Gunder could have easily done this as he has had F1C experince) but there aren't many that are as young as John and Austin that have flown F1C successfully. The size and power of these models make them a real handful for a youngster.
So, thanks again to all that donated money and time to get the team to the Ukraine. If you have never been on a team, you don't realize what it takes to compete. The time and money now needed to compete succesfully is pretty intense but well worth it. I see new geared motors and more horsepower in our future. John won't give up and maybe we can do this again!


Looking for  Odessa 2007 photos
From: "JS Montes" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Thanks for the coverage in SEN of the last W/C, the short and the long
reports were good, informative and quick. As I could not be there this

time, I have tried, so far unsuccessfully, to obtain photos of the
action at the Champs. Would you know of any of your friends/team
in USA that would have taken such photos and would be interested in
publishing them in a report of the W/C in FFQ?

Your help there will be most appreciated.



Note Sergio is the editor of FF quarterly so I assume he wants photo for the next edition



Roger Morrell