SEN issue 1134 - 18 September 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1134

  1. Junior World Champs
  2. Genesco F1A Correction
  3. MaxMen Dates ?
  4. Poitou Pictures and Zooming in on Zulpich
  5. Walston cable

Junior World Champs Rumour

We have got some questions about the date and venue for next year's Junior World Champs. Originally everyone thought it was to be held at the Odessa site and run by Victor Stamov. It appears that there is an alternative proposal within the Ukranian Aeromodelling Federation to run it at a different location, nearer to Kyiv. This would probably have a different CD but no names have been proposed yet. It is understood that the Ukranian Federation will be having a meeting in the immediate future to discuss the issues and come up with a definative site and date.  Note that the Ukraine offered to run the champs when Poland who was going to do it withdrew.

Correction on F1A Report from Geneseo NY
From: Priscilla & Lyle Whitford <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Just received a message from Andrew Barron re: subject report. 
He is correct, The event was flown to 150 sec. rounds after the
first round.  My error!  To long an AMA flier, I erred even after
John Clapp brought it to my attention after the event.  At least
the times were correct, only the heading was not.  Hope this did
not cause a problem for you or SCAT News.


MaxMen dates ?


Anyone know for definate what the MaxMen dates are for 2008 ? The £/$ exchange rate is so good at the moment combined with some excellent deals on airfares that I might have to miss the Authermuchty Fun Fly on the Firth of Forth mud flats and cross the bigger pond instead.


Poitou Pictures and Zooming in on Zulpich
From: Mike Woodhouse [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]


See the links below for a few images from France and Germany.

Michael J Woodhouse, Norwich, UK.

Walston Cable Ref in previous SEN

What cable are we talking about being replaced on the Walston please??? Ed Mate

Answer -

It is the coax cable that runs from the Receiver to the yagi antenna. Mine is a 16 channel Rx but think it is similar on most.

Roger Morrell