SEN issue 1160 - 2 December 2007

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  1. Looking for A123 Info
  2. Whatis in the Boxes leads to ..
  3. I'm blind about the boxes
  4. We have 14 here
  5. I'm in favor of 14 too

Looking for A123 info

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How do you do Roger!

We Ask You to place my message in electronic journal.

We Ask to answer one, has more information on battery Lithium Iron Pho. And
in particular A123systems. I interest the varieties produced battery, on
capacities and voltage.

Sergei Katyba

What's in the boxes leads to...
From:Ed Mate

Don can you describe the boxes and colors of these 41 kits please? I worked for Wally Simmers back then assembling these kits and sanding the wood for them before printing the parts outlines on them. Big Stoop (Frank Garcher) was my foreman. Darned if I can remember exactly what the boxes looked like. I have some later Golly and Jab kits but not sure about 41. Did you know that the parts were identical for the two kits? As were the Dynamoe and Cosmo.
Wally knew how to pinch his pennys even back then when he started. We were even 6oz botteling clear nitrate dope and thinner from 55gal drums. We used paper cones and finger pinch for valves. I went to work during spring break which was called "clean up week" then. I needed money to buy a class C engine for my Claude McCullogh "Brigand" that I scratch built from "Model Craftsman" magazine. It took first place at the 1947 Nats thanks to coaching from McCullogh out there in Monticello, Min. after I cracked it up on the first official. The wing was totally demolished. No hot stuff then, just good old Comet cement. It was ready at 3 PM in time for two more officials.
The last was a ten minute max fly away, enough to knock Melvyn Levey (Chicago IMAC) out of first place with his O&R .60 powered Comet Sailplane. Mel and Wally were close. Mel is a millionaire too from his own businesses. His first million came from a comment I made to him about buturate dope. He was the first. It was called "Armour Plate" in a fancey fluted cosmetic shampoo bottle. Anyone remember it? Testors bought him out. Then it became Testors Buturate Dope. The idea originated from Denny (Sandy Hogan) Davis. He noted in the Navy that they switched to navy blue buturate from nitrate which the higher octane fuel was washing off the aircraft. Davis told McCullough who told me thru our weekly correspondence in those days.
I already had a Garami "Strato Streak" with an Arden .09 in it. It was lever valve then as was Ray Arden's "Super Atom" which I had in my first gas job the Garami "Half Pint". He was a Hungarian immagrant you know. What a genius as exemplified by the revelutionary "Strato Streak".These were back in "Our Lady of Hungary" grammer school days. My parents were both Hungarian. Anyways Wally said he could give me 10 bucks off on a Contestor .60 he had in the showcase in the front of the Wock factory for the weeks work. His Hobby shop was there.
Yes I was disappointed but never said anything. Two weeks later they announced a ten dollar price break on the engine. I am sure Wally knew about it. Then I was even more disappointed. Good old Wally never missed a money saving trick, which is why he died a millionaire. Did you know that in the "Half Pint" days Garami designed models he could fit in a shopping bag with the batteries and gas? He took a bus to the flying field. Sorry I got so long winded guys. Feel free to cut it Roger. Ed Mate

"I am blind: re: the old kits!

Posted by: "Don DeLoach" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  dadl72

Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:29 pm (PST)

Re: the kits being auctioned for the Junior F1D team, I checked again and
realized I made a mistake-they are a Jabberwock and Dynamoe. Also, the
Jabberwock plan says "Super Jabberwock" and has a plan date of 1969. The
Dynamoe plan says 1947 but I assume both of these kits are from the late
sixties, not the forties. Still, they are complete and in very good
condition with good wood and sawn prop blanks, all hardware. The Dynamoe
plan is slightly yellowed but the Jabberwock plan is in near mint condition.
Kit boxes in very good condition.


We have 14 here
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Hi Mickey,

Don't despair. The Magnificent Mountain Men (MMM) Club of Colorado still
runs a 14-round FAI contest each summer (held over the 4th of July
weekend). Our field is much larger than Lost Hills (35 sq. miles) and we
work hard to put on a good contest and make our out-of-state
(out-of-country) guests feel welcome. Bring your friends and join us in
Colorado for crystal blue skies, rolling prairie that goes on forever, and
good competition.

Chuck Etherington (14-Rounder CD)

I am in favor of 14 rounds also

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Hello Mickey,
I must agree with your desire to fly 2 days of 7 flights/day.
It makes for a better contest, plus there is better value per flight to
amortize the trip costs.
FYI, the Patterson FAI Challenge is held each November over 2 days,
with 5 flights per day.
This year the conditions were idyllic, with good and stable lift, but very
low drift.
Maybe that event could be included on your 2008 schedule?
Lee Hines

Roger Morrell