SEN issue 1163 - 12 December 2007

Table of Contents

  1. More SEN Stuff
  2. Xmas toy waring
  3. Say Old Chap
  4. Denver 14 for real men

More SEN Stuff


As you may be aware we have had some on going issues with both our service/hosting provider and being blacklisted. . We believe that we have been removed from a very important black list and hopefully this will improve things. We still have some out standing issues with Yahoo that we are working on.

Christmas Toys Warning:

In a report released today to parents it was announced that 100% of
F1A gliders, not manufactured in China, contain lead.

-Seasons Greetings,


Say old chap .....


It's obvious that you have not been to a free flight events in some while old boy. You are not up with the latest.  

Nowdays with the desire to make the Pod smaller and jam more electronics into it people are now turning to depleted uranium for balast, with the added advantage that you can use a geiger counter for retrival ...

Your old chum


Denver 14 Rounder for Real Men
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And if you come to Denver to test your meddle you can also test your mettle!
                 Another bigot (and proof reader)

Roger Morrell