SEN 989 - 30 Dec 2005

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clockwork timers - O'Donnell
F1A and Towline Glider Improvement?? - Edmonson
Happy Christmas at 30K rpm
Special Thanks
The Secret Sauce
In Other Magic news
Re: Wing forms - Beattie

clockwork timers
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Dear Martin

Re your interest in the early history of clockwork timers in gliders :

The first person I know to use such was the late Brian Faulkner, then of
the Cheadle Club (and subsequently of Timperley), who put an ex-WD "bomb
timer" into an A/2 - probably in the second half of 1956.

I was not slow in appreciating the advantages, obtained similar
hardware, and had a model so equipped in the air soon afterwards. Mine
was flown in the Loughborough Winter Rally towards the end of January

Both Brian and I used timer-start systems triggered by release of the
towline. This was the whole point of the idea. We already knew that we
could tow for lengthy periods and detect lift with the model still "on
tow". Use of fuse for the DT meant guessing the time spent on the line,
with obvious problems in either direction. I have memories of long
chases caused by late (very late) DTs. The clockwork timer cured all
this - and was more accurate than fuse !!

I still have one of these early timers, large and heavy by present
standards, but of more than mere historical interest. It could yet fly
again !

I could probably turn up documentation to verify the above if required,
and if worthwhile !

Trust all is going well with you,
Best wishes

John O'Donnell
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[ I had got this e-mail from JO'D before Xmas but with my travels it some
how missed getting published . I was interested to his reference to a bomb,
just shows that the hand grenade timer used in Russian and Ukranian F1C
models is not a new idea !

It sounds like Martin Gregorie is doing some writing on the history clock
work timers! Now Martin when I met you back at the Stonehenge you were a
beaten up physically because your full size glider incident, but
I thought that your thinking was as leading edge - in fact Beyond the Edge
if I may coin a phrase, now what's with this clockwork stuff ? ]

F1A and Towline Glider Improvement??
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Hi Roger

Maybe you could include these towline glider ponderings in the next
issue of SCAT, and see if any of the wizards have suggestions??

So who has the best airfoil for towline gliders?? Or what is the best
airfoil for towline gliders?

Or is the only way to increase still air performance by bunting higher?

My 1970 Hugh Langevin gliders do 2:45 from 164 foot (50 meter) with
gentle releases. A Buntbone in the same air will do about 3:05 with the
same launch. A 10 ounce F1A size with high aspect ratio wing gets me up
to 3:35. How much of the 30 seconds is from weight decrease or higher
aspect ratio design is unknown yet. I guess I should load up that 10
ounce model to 14.5 ounces and find out!

But what is the next step in improving performance?? I mean real glide
performance, not just zooming it up higher by more speed at the launch.

Just some stuff for you guys to ponder for 2006. I want answers!

I have some things to try soon, just as soon as the snow melts.
Dave Edmonson, proprietor

Happy Christmas
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Christmas !

Alexander Kalmykov
pr.Dzerjinskogo 2-67
Novosibirsk 630112

Phone/fax : +7 383 279 37 71
Phone/fax : +7 383 217 32 78

Special Thanks

To Ernesto and the Busnelli babes aka The Bunteli Elastic band for their
concert at the Patterson Contest from me and the Black Magic Woman. In
particular for the Black Magic Timer song -sung to the tune
of Black Magic Woman

Black magic timer

Got a black magic timer
Got a black magic timer.

I got a black magic timer
Bunts me so high I can't believe
That it's a blackmagic timer
It's tryin' to make a champion out of me.

Don't turn your back on me baby
Don't hang up on me baby.

Yes, don't turn off yourself baby
Stop messin' around with your tricks
Don't turn your back on me baby
There is a bunch of guys I gotta beat

Got your spell on me baby
Got your spell on them baby.

Yes you got your spell on me baby
Turning my drop into max
I need you so bad - magic timer
You can't leave me alone.

I now have to put it on my I-Pod with secret motivational

The Secret Sauce

There is dicussion from time to time on how to win at contests, how
to trim, how to prepare etc. Clearly we need to trim, check, and re check
our moedels and equipment before major events.

In one of the numerous "how do we select the team" dicussions Martyn Cowley
gave an excellent argument in favour of the US style - easy preliminaries
very tough one contest to pick the team - what's important at the
World champs is not the average over the year - that's the World Cup,
what is important is winning that one very tough contest, when no
second chance etc.

This makes the contest much more of mental game. So other aspects of
preparation beside the obvious are just as important. I have been
on the US team 3 times - at Lost Hills my 'home' field I did badly and
did not make the fly off- yet in the other two contents - Sezana and Embalse
I made the fly off. This inspite of logisticn challenges etc.

I attribute it partly to being able to spend time at the site, taking
part in the World Cup to understand local condition but more
importantly to focus on what's needed. To be able to switch off work
and many of those other distractions. This year in Argentina during
training, I damaged a model, the one I ended up by fling most of the rounds
and had a prop hub failure, both partially due to not being focussed.

In my thank you to Ernesto above I mention about my I-Pod, This year
I tried something different and have a special selection of music "?"
that I listen to when I arrive at the field and am getting ready.
I need to add Ernesto's song to that selection. While the choice is always
personal and applies to the individual and I can't reveal all my secrets.
The selection opens with the something from
youth - the words of someone who
would have been a neighbour, had I lived 150 years earlier -

Te Rauparaha , while his words were written in different
circumstances, some how they seem to apply to the World Champs.
The generally accepted translation is given.

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
I die! I die! I live! I live!

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora
I die! I die! I live! I live!

Tenei te tangata puhuru huru
This is the hairy man

Nana nei i tiki mai
Who fetched the Sun

Whakawhiti te ra
And caused it to shine again

A upa ... ne! ka upa ... ne!
One upward step! Another upward step!

A upane kaupane whiti te ra!
An upward step, another.. the Sun shines !!!

Now seeing it's the US Team I was on I followed this with
Gretchen Wilson's "Here for the Party" becasue if you're not there
for the party at the end - why are you there !

Now the rest is the secret sauce.

In Other Magic news
The new smaller little Magic Timer is ready for production
and there will be some at the Maxmen Contest in February.
This is a smaller timer that can be mounted across the fuselage.

Little Magic Timer
October 2005

F1A and F1B operation
2 servos [one standard connector, one micro connector]
One Lithium Cell
Radio DT Connection
Smaller than Standard Black Magic Timer
Proven Magic Timer technology
Low Power consumption Microcontroller
Standard Magic Timer features
10 Steps
Jump, Step and DT the Servo
Beeps out D/T setting at Power Up
Programmed by Super Magic program on Palm Pilot
Change DT with out use of Palm Pilot.
Can be mounted across the fuselage
Small size makes it very suitable for HLG, F1H and F1G.
Physical Dimensions
32.7 mm X 14.2 mm. Maximum width is 15.6mm, the program and charge
connector should protrude through the side of the fuselage.
Weight 3 grams
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and photos.

Re: Wing forms

Go to Google and look up Hydro Cal for an excellent article on Plasters.
Buy the type used for brass castings for a non shrink, non cracking form.
Ralph Cooney introduced this media to me, in a past life,

Norm Beattie


To Tom Kerr for his donation in suppoer of SEN.

Roger Morrell