SEN- January 24 2000

News and Reports 2000 - First half
SCAT Electronic News 24 Jan 2000

      "SCAT - 40 Years of FAI Free Flight Competition"

Table of Contents

Cuffmac Calendar 1999
File types for Microsoft Word - Markos
Music and FF - Blackam
Music from the master - King

Cuffmac Calendar 1999 [first 3 months]

8 9 SCAT Desert Challenge FAI and Mini Taft
15 16 - Southwest Regionals Eloy, AZ
29 29 SCAT 40th Anniversary Banquet Van Nuys
30 30 FMC - Madera
30 30 - Superbowl -
6 6 SCAMPS Haggard-Bowden & Nostalgia Lucerne valley
11 11 Black Sheep Indoor LBHS
12 13   Isaacson Winter Classic - FAI + others Lost Hills
18 21 Max Men 14 Rounder FAI, World Cup Americas Cup Lost Hills
20 20 Thermal T Fun Fly Site ?
20 20 SDO - Otay Mesa
27 28 PMAC Nostalgia Eloy;
27 27 FMC - Madera
4 5 SCIF Kick Off Annual Taft
4 5 Blacksheep 30" Taft
10 10 Blacksheep Indoor LBHS
18 19 SCAT SCAT Annual FAI, Mini America's Cup Lost Hills
19 19 SDO - Otay Mesa
26 26 CUFFMAC Annual Banquet -
26 26 PMAC - Eloy, AZ
26 26 FMC - Madera

File types for Microsoft Word
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger and Jim
My PC is equipped with Windows 95 and the following options are listed for
"save as" when I create a Microsoft Word document. Which choice is best for
sending attachments to eMail?

Word Document (*.doc)
Document Template (*.doc)
Text Only (*.txt)
Tex Only with line breaks (*.txt)
MS-DOS Text (*.txt)
MS-DOS with line breaks (*.txt)
Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
MS-DOS text with layout (*.asc)
Text with layout (*.ans)
Windows Write 3.0 (*.wri)
Word 2.x for Windows (*.doc)
Word 5.0 for Macintosh (*.mcw)
Word 4.0 for Macintosh (*.mcw)
Wordperfect 5.0(*.doc)
Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS (*.doc)
Wordperfect 5.x for Windows (*.doc)
Wordperfect 5.1 or 5.2 Secondary file(*.doc)
Word 6.0 for MS-DOS (*.doc)
RFT-DCA (*.rft)
Works 3.0 for Windows (*.wps)
Works 4.0 for Windows (*.wps)
Wordstar 7.0 (*.ws7)
Wordstar 4.0 (*.ws4)

In addition, a similar menu for XLS worksheets:

Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls)
Template (*.xlt)
Formatted Text (space delimited)(*.prn)
Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)
CSV (comma delimited)(*.csv)
Microsoft Excel 4.0 worksheet (*.xls)

................I'm getting bored with this.

[Chuck - the answer is it depends on who is going to get it. And
what they are going to do with it.

If you have a contest announcement that you want posted on the - then its best to save it in HTML format.

If it is to appear in the text of the news them as text or ms-dos
text with line breaks.

Finally if it has to be print by the recipient with all the Word formatting,
different fonts etc - save it in Word format.

With respect to Excel

If you want to print it in e-mail then save it as
formatted text space delimited (*prn). When you do this
you may have to chnage the column widths to fit it to a page
or get all the sporstaman's names in.

If the ecipient want to reformat it or work with it in excel
than save it in Excel format. ]

Music and FF
author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

>I take some hope in that I have never heard Alexander Andriukov
>involved in any musical activity !]
Sorry Brokenspar, Alex Andriukov was a guitar player of some note back in
the Ukraine I believe although he plays it down (gedditt). There are a
few in Aus too; Peter Fauser (F1B) and I both play guitar.

I think FF appeals to creative people who like to challenge themselves
and so does music which is why (I think) there are so many good musos in
FF (although we don't always know it).

Rich Blackam

Music from the master
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks Hardy !!!

I am going to embarass you now, telling how I came to play in Kansas City
last year at a huge concert to celebrate the memory of Charlie Parker. It
was all made possible by some wonderful friends in KC, (the Jazz
Ambassadors). They knew Mayor Cleaver, the man that bought Carlie Parker's
saxophone and has done so much to put Jazz back on the map in KC, among many
other good things for the city. Cleaver had apparently heard me play over
the telephone (!!) I played the instrument during the sale of the famous
saxophone, at Christie's, in London and he was bidding for the horn himself
and heard me !!!! Cleaver paid $95,000 for it (!!!!) and it is now in the
new Jazz Museum on 18th and Vine in KC.
It was the hard work of the Jazz Ambassadors in getting some sponsorship
to pay for me to come over and Hardy was one of those sponsors. (Sorry to
embarass you Hardy, but I am very greatfull to you !!)

As there are so many musicians and music lovers among the FF fraternity maybe
you would like to access a couple of web sites. Log on to the Jazz
Ambassador's site at.... They are a great source of info and would
appreciate your interest.

You can access my web site, which is not fully up and running yet, on .... ....or on the Miles Music
Site at..

One last thing, Hardy, re Alex Andriukov. Now I am going to embarass
Alex, (Sorry AA ;-))) When Alex stayed with my wife and I, a few years ago
now, We showed him to his room and after a few minutes I heard what sounded
like a guitar playing(??) I went in and Alex had taken an old guitar off
the wall in his room. I had forgoton we even had one. Considering it was
missing a couple of strings and hadn't been tuned for years, I was amazed to
hear some real good guitar sounds. He explained that he used to play but
had to stop, due to the pressures of aeromodelling...... He told me he had
cut a bit off the top of one of his fingers during a 'handling accident'.
while building a model !!!!! So, thanks to AA's 'accident' all us
Aeromodeller/Musicians can breath a sigh of relief !!!!! ;-)))))) With
Alex's talent, God only knows what would have happened if he had kept on
playing. Maybe we would all have given up our horns!!!!!!!! ;-)))))).

Peter King

[Actually it was your editor not hardy that was worried about Alex, seeing
I fly F1B. .. maybe there is something to this music stuff]

Roger Morrell