SEN-459 August 25 2000

News and Reports 2000 - second half
SCAT Electronic News 25 August 2000 issue 459

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Aug 2000 Tan II - FAI Model Supply
Sweepette Wing Offset and Trim - Hines
hang-em-high - Kowal

Aug 2000 Tan II
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For those how have not heard, the Aug. batch of Tan II is good rubber,
but not for F1B team trials. The Factory and I are disappointed as we
all thought that this batch would be a " slam dunk". The Factory is well
aware of our customers predicament and has promised a new batch of 1/8"
for 9/8/00 shipment to FAI. We apologize to all of our customers that
are in need of " high test" rubber, and will do all that we can to get
very good rubber to you prior to Team Trials.
Maybe we should set some Aug.TanII aside for all those who feel that
there is too much performance in F1B and want to go to 30 grams !
John Clapp

Sweepette Wing Offset and Trim
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Hello Mr. Harte, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Please give my regards to Paul Lagan as well, when you
see him.

After I received your email I pulled out my copy of Sept 65
Areomodeller and carefully reread the Sweepette article
and your email to see if I could assist from this great
distance without firsthand observation.

My impression, from what info you give is that the planes
are not adjusted or thrown in the manner described in the

First, to answer the query re offset and skewed wing; A homily:
Confusius said, "All things in moderation!"
Miniature aircraft respond nicely to this credo, trimming-wise.
I found that by doing so I had an easier, safer head start on
trimming for my left glide turn, which then required LESS of other
adjustments such as rudder, stab twist, tilt and tip weight.
A NO-BRAINER! My experience shows it is best to use SMALL
amounts of EACH adjustment, rather than a large bit of just ONE!
Then, washin left main enuf to prevent spinning in & launch with
right bank always. Recovery should occur @ 3/4 turn; i.e., left of
wind to help stay in thermal core with no, or minimum loss of
altitude at transition.

Please go back to the article and plans, paying special attention
to trim, warping and launch related areas. I believe if you do so,
that your son will have even more success.

Keep in mind, since he is flying 3/4 size Sweepettes(I make
that 15 inch span, right?) the correct adjustments and twists
will be less, in proportion, than the article calls for.
When your son(name?) gets these bugs worked out,
Len Surtees will be worrying about beating him!
Please keep me informed of your progress.

Lee Hines

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From: John B. Harte
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2000 4:46 PM
Subject: Sweepette Wing Offset

> Dear Mr. Hines,
> Recently I was talking to Paul Lagan (who sends his regards) about the
> trimming of your Sweepette HLG. We were talking about the offset wing
> and the skewing back of the left tip as outlined in the article that
> appeared in the September 1965 Aeromodeller. Paul was of the opinion
> that the Aeromodeller article did not quite correctly convey your
> reasons/thinking for including these features in your design.
> My 11 year old son flies a couple of 3/4 size Sweepettes with a good
> degree of success having gotten 1st Junior and 2nd in Open HLG at our
> Nationals (beaten by Len Surtees) and more recently having taken out the
> N.Z. Junior HLG Record that has stood since 1992. The gliders glide
> incredibly well but take some time to move from the end of the launch
> phase into the glide turn (which is reasonably tight). In other words
> the models go quite a long way down wind before beginning to turn to the
> left. I am curious as to whether the offset wing and skew are
> contributing to this flight characteristic.
> The models also at present go straight up and straight down during the
> launch phase which I would guess is due to not enough right bank in my
> son's throw. Both models seem reluctant to roll out when on their backs
> at the top of the launch.
> Paul suggested that I email you regarding my question concerning the
> turn and effects of wing offset and skew. I would certainly be very
> grateful of any comment or advice that you could give regarding this and
> the launch rollout. I fly F1A and seem a little out of my league when
> it comes to HLG.
> With thanks,
> John Harte
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In regards to Icarex and Hang-em-High kites:
I have ordered from these folks and have been very
happy with the service. When they were unable to
ship my order on the day I placed it they shipped the
order UPS second day at their own expense. The quality
of the products I ordered was good and the prices were
better than I have found anywhere else. I ordered "halos"
for winding towlines on. Halos are just a big spool anywhere
from 6 to 10 inches in diameter that are used for storing
Kite lines on. I have transfered all my towlines onto these
and think they will be much easier to use in the field.

Roger Morrell