SEN 2948 - Fab Feb – America’s Cup Banquet Update B and E For Sale at Lost Hills Fab Feb Rubber Reminder Eagle Cup and Danish Cup The Bear and the Moose

SEN 2948 - Table of Contents
  1. Fab Feb – America’s Cup Banquet Update
  2. B and E For Sale at Lost Hills
  3. Fab Feb Rubber Reminder
  4. Eagle Cup and Danish Cup
  5. The Bear and the Moose
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Fab Feb – America’s Cup Banquet Update

The Lost Hills Community has some restriction on the number of people that can attend functions so we will not be holding the America’s Cup Banquet in 2022.
 The America’s Cup  Awards ceremony will be on the field after MaxMen mini event, Friday Feb 18, 2022. SCAT will provide finger food. All will be welcome and asked to bring their drinks and chairs.

For people who have indicated that they will attend the cost will be removed from their Fab Feb schedule and bill.

B and E For Sale at Lost Hills


Hi Roger
Please let everyone know that I will have for sale a new Gorban medium F1E and a new Stepan Stephanchuk carbon F1B with two sets of carbon wings and Andriukov close fold front end and electronic timer with me at Lost Hills. I will also have a lightly
used modern F1B with Stephanchuk carbon wings, Andriukov E. timer , and Vivchar close fold front end for sale.

F1B conflicts with my F1Q flying and I have changed to electronic steering for F1E so these models are excess to my requirements and could get anyone going with first class equipment. Please enquire to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fab Feb Rubber Reminder

"This is a reminder that if you wish to receive rubber  from  FAI Model Supply at the Fab February Contests in Lost Hills you must notify us by February 1 to guarantee delivery.  All orders received after February 1st we can not guarantee will be available for pick up in Lost Hills. 

If you have already pre-ordered rubber and your plans have changed, for example you are not able to attend the contest or you are having someone else picking up your order, please notify us before February 4, so we can make the adjustments.
This week we will be confirming back to you with an invoice indicating your total cost to be collected at Lost Hills or prepaid arrangements available prior to the contest via PayPal.  Our plans are to distribute at the contest registration on Friday February 11."


Charlie and Geralyn Jones
FAI Model Supply Inc.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

«EAGLE CUP» + «Danish Cup»

4-7.March 2022.
We invites following classes: F1A-F18-F1C-F1Q.

Friday 18:00

The organizers are present at Hovdetun Youth Hostel. You make your Entry, and get your scorecards.

Saturday 08:45    Briefing at competiton site, map to the site at Hovdetun.
09:00        First round starts, 4 min. max if calm weather. Also 2.round can have 4 min.max if calm weather, with extended working time. Next 3 rounds have 3 min. max. time.
Total 5 rounds before Flyoff.

F1Q have to decide how to fly themself.(motor and maxtime)
You have to fill in your result with timekeeper sign. for each round and come to
the secretariat to register. Go together at least three competitors in a timing group. It will be a starting-line for all classes.

We start flyoff asap after regular rounds, about 16:00 o'clock, and we go direct to Bmin.max infirstflyoff, due to the early sunset. If windy FO we use All-Tee.
For Flyoff, make a draw who will time You, and each class help each other, so do not pick up your model after 1.F1Aflyoff, before you have timed the next class. (B+C+Q)

Fly Off briefing:

ca 15:30 with a drawing of timekeepers. Flyoff F1A, 8 min.max
Flyoff F1B / F1C and F1Q 8 min.max. 2.Flyoff F1A, 10 min.max.
2.Flyoff F1B /F1C and F1Q 10 min. max.

It will be same program for next world Cup Sunday 6th. March.

If problem with FO sunday, we may use Monday morning 7th.March to finish.
Last Flyoff next morning 08:00, or Monday morning.

19:30    Dinner at Hovdetun Youth Hostel if you stay there.
21:00    Price Giving in classes with final result, or at the flying site next morning(Moday morning) after Flyoff.

Hovdetun Youth Hostel cell phone: +47 61171011
Clarion Collection Grand cell: +47 61140000
Quality Hotel Strand cell: +47 61132000

Entries to:

Danish Cup:
Eagle Cup: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

before 1.March 2021.

Entry fee: 30 Euro for each class, Juniors 15 Euro.
Pay at Friday or 30 min. before  briefing.

Cov19 before You traveling to Norway.

The Bear and the Moose

From: Per Findahl 

The registration for Bear Cup and Moose Cup are open now ! Please visit our web pages for more information and to do your registration. We had a good winter so far, so the ice is perfect and we hope you all will join us there ! The contest period is from 10 to 13 March. Moose cup is scheduled for 11 of March and Bear Cup 12 of March. Arrival day is 10 of March and spare day is 13 of March.

Bear Cup :

Moose Cup:

Per Findahl

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