SEN 2947 - Ike Correction - Fab Feb so far

SEN 2947

1. Ike Correction
2. Fab Feb so far


Ike Correction

Whoops we put the wrong flyer in SEN 2946– there should be 3 small glider events
National Cup HLG
National Cup CLG
5 X 5 HLG

Corrected one here


Fab Feb so far
People have asked how many entries etc so far. This is continuing to change. We are getting a few entries each day and 5 have cancelled for a number of reasons, including a broken arm !

We have over 80 entries, F1A and B have just under 30 entries in each. F1C and Q have 10 entries in each. Most people are flying in all 3 contests but the MaxMen has the most.