SEN 2507 - Looking to 2019 – Sympo, Indoor Nats, Bulletin 0, more to follow…

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Looking to 2019 – Sympo, Indoor Nats, Bulletin 0,  more to follow…



  1. USA 2019 Indoor Nationals in Arizona
  2. Bulletin 0






Model aircraft have evolved for centuries and it is not just a USA thing.  First there were basic gliders, then elastic bands, ignition motors, glow engines, new construction methods, new adhesive and finishing materials, you name it.  With each technological advance we Free-Flighters have embraced new technologies, leading us to changes we only imagined, and in many cases didn't expect!  Many factors influence the evolution of our aircraft and the way we operate them, though--not simply technological ones. 

We now have over 50 years of NFFS Symposia under our belt and during this time we've seen and documented much of the changing Free Flight landscape.   As we kick off another year, the persistent question remains…not what is the future of Free Flight, but what will Free Flight look like in the future?  So--with one view to the past and the other looking forward, we'd like to offer a theme for the 2019 Symposium:

Evolution in Free Flight - The Need of Invention


While we'd much prefer to hear your thoughts on this theme, we offer a few teasers or ideas for you to ponder, in no particular order:


  • Articles we are looking for want to have a premise, not just a presentation.  Why is your article/model created?  Where will your technology take model aircraft?  Need spurns invention. How have we ridden that fine line between max performance and practicality? 
  • Evolution of any particular aspect of free flight aircraft airfoils, aerodynamics, engines, propulsion, timing & control devices, composite materials, e.g. why did the introduction of carbon fiber influence your designs--or electric motors and  systems.
  • Rules, technical implications of rule changes at any level… FAI, AMA, Indoor:
    • Our most stable rules--what are they and why have they remained successful? What are the fundamental attributes of a great competition rule? 
    • What rule changes might we be on the verge of making?  What pressures are there on our present rules--which may really be, what has become of our airplanes and events and what will become of our airplanes as rule changes are implemented?
  • Entry & Exit of Free Flighters into and out of the hobby.  Where do they come from?  Where do they go? What attracts them?  What dismays them?  What converts spectators into passionate participants?  Your successes and failures pursuant to getting new flyers? (suggests data survey?)


Put your imagination to work and submit a topic you wish to pursue for inclusion in the 2019 NFFS Symposium. 

If similar topics are received, we will make an effort to put those authors together for a collaborative article. If you've been kicking around an idea for an article that doesn't quite match this theme (for instance, a purely technical article on construction or aerodynamics), submit it anyway!  Maybe with the addition of a little context, it could very possibly find a home in the 2019 National Free Flight Symposium.

Submit a synopsis of your proposed article with title and/or idea, preferably with an outline of your topic and what your article will be about as soon as possible to



Rick Pangell, Your 2019 Symposium Editor

6994 So. Prescott St., Littleton, CO 80120

Phone: 303-798-2188

Or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The preferable format would be electronic in Microsoft Word format.  Email is a wonderful method of contact.



USA 2019 Indoor Nationals in Arizona

From: Don DeLoach 


Free Flight Friends,


The AMA FF Nats will be held at the expansive Round Valley Dome in Eagar 

Arizona, May 30-June 2, 2019. This is the first western Nats in a quite 

a while, so NFFS and AMA are hoping for strong support from western 

FFers. You may not get another chance to fly in a 100' domed football 

stadium again. On the other hand if the turnout is good enough, this 

site may become a recurring Nats site. It is basically up to all of us 

to support it....or not.


At this time data are being collecting and event lineups finalized. If 

you think you are likely to attend the Nats, please take a moment and 

fill out the attached survey. Your responses will be instrumental in 

finalizing the event schedule.


Thanks in Advance,

Don DeLoach

2019 Indoor Nats Manager


 Bulletin 0

Got a question on FB if Bulletin 0 for the 2019 World Champs was out yet …

Answer:  Not yet, the committee is doing final touches and getting approval.