SEN 2484 - F1S motor turns while watching JWC Photos and prepping for the USA FF Champs and USA Team Selection

Table of Contnets – SEN 2484

F1S motor turns while watching JWC Photos and prepping for the USA FF Champs and USA Team Selection

  1. More Jnr WC Photos
  2. Latest E36-F1S stuff
  3. 48th Annual Free Flight Champs
  4. 2019 World Champs – USA Team Selection

More Jnr WC Photos

Latest E36-F1S stuff

Jack Murphy says on FB

Just FYI fellow E Free Flighters- Randy at rcdude says he is expecting a new shipment of the Cobra E36/F1S motors later this week...
The 2203/28 2800kv motor was specifically designed for F1S/E36, and says so right on the side of it. Many used to use the 32 and 34 models (2300kv and 1960kv) before the 2203/28 was available. I know of no more powerful motor for its weight than the 2203/28 2800 kv item. The Cobra 11 amp esc is a fine piece too, I bought two the other day selling them out, hopefully they have more of those coming as well....

Comment from Don DeLoach Yes, power to weight ratio is highest of any I've tested.

Randy Moody- RCDude says We did get a few of the Cobra 2203/28 E36/F1S motors back in stock today and we have more on the way. This motor is definitely not going to be discontinued anytime in the foreseeable future as it is quite popular. Most of us USA dealers were just out of stock for a long while waiting for Cobra to manufacturer more of these.
BTW - Not sure if you are aware of the optional bolt-on prop adapters for those motors but we got those back in stock as well. It's for people that need a threaded prop shaft that can handle higher-power setups instead of using the prop saver adapter that comes with those motors.

48th Annual Free Flight Champs

From: Larry Norvall

To All my Free Flight brothers and sisters,

48th Annual US Free Flight Champs is closing in (Sept 21st - 23rd).  Forecasted weather is typical Lost Hills for September. Temps in the high 80s to low 90s light winds.  So come on out and let’s get our free Flight on.  Cash prizes will be awarded.

I plan on being on the field by 1700 hrs ready to get everybody registered.  Based on weather and forecast I will set up everything (parking, camping, Flight lines, registration) towards the North end of the field (close to where the San Valeers set up last). 

Larry Norvall   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Link to Flyer

2019 World Champs – USA Team Selection

Team Selection event at Lost Hills starting 10 October. If you are taking part as a team contender best you get your I’s dotted and t’s crossed quickly – that means pay your entry money right away if you haven’t already.

If you want to come and help you are welcome to see the top USA FAI Freeflighers in action. Looks like a top notch event as usual.