SEN 2481 - Watch John on video while reading about Euro E and collecting your JWC swag

Table of Contents – SEN 2481

Watch John on video while reading about Euro E and collecting your JWC swag

  1. USA Junior Team Follow Up
  2. John at the Nats
  3. F1E E/C blog at Thermiksense has started

USA Junior Team Follow Up

From: Jim Parker

As the manager of the USA 2018 Jr World Championship team, I was greatly thankful for Bob Stalick's great day by day reporting. The SEN reports had all the written detail and he did Facebook posts with numerous photos.  His reports can now be found on the NFFs Website in the "Latest News" section.

From Bob's report, you could tell the team members and the families had a great experience.  And the USA brought back 2 silver medals! All of this made possible by AMA funding and the generous donations from many of you. I recently sent an email to the donors. The Silver level donors ($100 to $299) will be getting the  colorful Jr Team shirt design by one of the team's F1A member, Adalaide Ulm.  The Gold level donors ($300 and up) will get the Jr Team shirts and a piece of local Bulgarian art work we brought back. Most will be delivered at the up coming Sept-Oct Lost Hills contests. For those not coming to Lost Hills, donor gifts will be mailed.   I am missing emails  for Michael A. Ose and Russ Backer, please email me. If my email  missed any other donors, please contact me at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

I do have few more Jr Team shirts left for sale. Currently: 2 small, 2 medium, 21 large and 5 extra large.  20$ each and we'll happily take more as a donation! I'll have them at the Lost Hills  up coming contests. Email me  to reserve your size.  If you want them mailed to you add $5 (for one or two shirts) for shipping.

Thermals, Jim Parker

John at the Nats

From: AMA, NFFS and the Nats
John Lorbiecki the NFFS president talking to the AMA multi-media team about Free Flight.

For those outside the USA the USA National Championships extends over several weeks. Most takes place that the National Aeromodelling Center in Muncie, Indiana. It is a very busy time for the AMA who provide a lot of support including print and electronic media coverage. The actual events are run by the flyers just as any other event. The NFFS plays a leadership role in the Free Flight section which is in July. There is a different contest director every year. This year it was done by the Parkers from Texas. Faust is a well know F1C man and Julie an early adopter of F1Q. They did not get to fly this year as running the week long Free Flight event is a major effort.


F1E E/C blog at Thermiksense has started

From: Bernhard Schwendemann 

The F1E E/C blog at Thermiksense has started

On Sunday the European Championship F1E for seniors and Juniors will start
in Slovakia.
The blog on the web-site of our freeflight magazine Thermiksense is already

The schedule of the E/C is:
Saturday: World cup "Martin Cup"
Sunday: Model Processing, Training, Opening
Monday: Juniors
Tuesday: Seniors
Wednesday: Reserve, Price Giving, Banquet
Thursday: World cup "Swiss Cup"
Friday: Departure

The German Free-Flight Magazine

Best regards