SEN 2464 -Nobody Complained and weather is normal from the top of a "hill" but the Junior World Champs is coming soon.


Table of Contents – SEN 2464

Nobody Complained and weather is normal from the top of a "hill" but the Junior World Champs is coming soon.

  1. Just the Weather
  2. Nobody Complained
  3. Foul weather flyoffs.
  4. [D/t] Flyoff from a pile …
  5. Jr. World Champs Reporting


Just the Weather

From: Stuart Darmon

Wind, rain, and poor visibility are not exceptional circumstances. They are weather.



Nobody Complained

From: Martin Dilly

I note with interest that so far nobody has raised any objections to my suggestions in a recent SEN regarding limits on the energy input during launch. These were, in brief, a weak link in the F1A towline, half motors in F1B (as used for F1D trimming) and a 2 second F1C engine run. I'm sure many SEN readers are looking forward to seeing the rational arguments against these ideas (apart from "It would never work" or "Nobody's tried it yet").


Prior to you article, Mike the Dino pointed out that reducing the motor weight on a modern F1B requires complete retriming of the model so is not really practical. The F1B model uses part of the torque curve that cannot be used in a F1D model.


Foul weather flyoffs.

From: gilbert morris


Leo  Reynders concept of using two altimeters and extrapolating  the one
minute and two minute readings has the most merit of those expounded and
should be refined and put to practical test for further consideration.
Respectfully,, Gil Morris

[D/t] Flyoff from a pile …

From: Wolfgang Gerlach  
Hello Roger,
thanks for SEN !!
Another  D/T Fly Off Thought
"Hand Launch from a DungHill" -- also not according to the rules.
In the 90th this was sometimes practised in rural competitions in Southern 
Germany. Simple and funny.
Wolfgang Gerlach

Editor’s note – Wolfgang sent us a photo that we can’t use but will save if for a future occasion. Actually it showed handle gliding an F1A from in top of what looked more like like a collapsed haystack or silage but Dung Hill sounds better. The sportsman was wearing Wellington/Rubber/Gum -boots !


Jr. World Champs Reporting

From: Bob Stalick
Would you inform the SEN readers that I will be covering the Jr. World Champs in Bulgaria this August, and I'll be reporting the information on SEN. I'll download photos of the activities onto the Freeflight fan page on Facebook. If your readers are not signed up and wish to follow any pictures of the action, now would be a good time to do so. 
We are leaving the US on August 1, but the flying doesn't begin until the following week.
Bob Stalick

Editor’s note, Grandfather Bob goes to the Junior Champs again but with next grandson, Roman Stalick.