SEN 2450 - Good bye to a good friend and more views on the flyoffs.

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Good bye to a good friend and more views on the flyoffs.


  1. Antoon van Eldik
  2. Salonta Q Story
  3. Plan to increase the number of young in F1C , maybe other classes to?
  4. Vasily speaks to and for an old friend
  5. Editor’s comment



Antoon van Eldik

From FB

Dutch sportsmen report the passing of the popular F1A sportsman, Antoon van Eldik.  Antoon was friends with people from many countries and many have expressed their grief and condolences to his family.


The simple words on FB from fellow F1A sportsman, Allard van Wallene says it all  


Rest in peace good friend, your positivism and humor inspired us all.




Salonta Q Story

From:Omri Sirkis


Salonta cup F1Q flyoff. 


The facts are:

About half an hour before the flyoff the CD called for a meeting with all

flyoff flyers.

All sportsmen except S. Sitton and myself, did not want a 2 joule flyoff.

the flight time off 7 min. was also fixed by a democratic vote.

I don't think that the rules where violated in any way. 2 joule flyoff is

an option to be considered by the CD. Technically my retrieve problems are not relevant. A After all no one force me to fly and take the risk.


I think that we can all learn a lesson, especially for F1Q.

CD must take safety considerations seriously as well. a 7 min. flyoff in

strong wind just before dark can lead to very difficult and

dangerous retrieve.


A 2 joule flyoff could have shorten the flight, and is perfectly fair.




Editor’s Comment:  It is the final responsibility of the CD to make sure the contest is conducted in a safe manner with respect to the sportsmen  and their helpers and spectators as well as the owners of the property we fly on. So sometimes he needs to make an un-democratic decision.  It rests with him and the jury.  Most [All] NACs have a safety code the CD must follow.


Vasily speaks to and for an old friend


From: Vasily Beschasny



Reducing performance of F1A and not only. 

Once a year I meet my multi-year buddie Victor Pisanny and his family. Usually, they all come to  help running Antonov Cup  event near Kyiv  ,annually. V.Pisanny used to be very good Nordic flyer and great builder and   experienced technologist , Ukraine  FF   constant  team member  and so on.  

Victor have explained to me his view onto modern latest Fly Offs, small fields and whole the picture of our mutual complications.

I do like his idea, seems like some golden seeds are in there.


He suggests to restrict NOTHING.


But wing joiner of F1A !!Let say F1A wing rod diameter NOT to exceed 3,5 mm diameter or maximal dimension is section. Wing joiner can be rectangular or any geometry form in section.

 Yes, my first reaction was a question of designing   some models with solid main panel+ detachable wingtips   without wing joiner at all. Just like Allard  flies and many NEDs  guys.

It supposed to be restricted too by maximal size thickness  an   airfoil   there  to 3,5 mm in the middle   axis  of the wing or so. At least,  main  idea must be applied.


In other words, cross section of F1A wing wire not allowed to be bigger than  9,6 square millimeters. Of course, wing pendants are prohibited to use  in any case  too.

Any materials builders can try to use for wing joiners anyway. So, we do not need to change anything in our models, just wing rod diameter. Technically it is easy to do, on any kind of model F1A.   Or F1H-- but for smaller size, sure.


Cenny B suggested something like connecting the end of towline to the hend  for reducing the height of our launch. It will be effective for sure. But what gonna happen in case of tangle?? 100% crash?? Nobody will support this because nobody likes crashing own models.

The rest of ideas from  fliers worldwide  are also bright and very interesting.

Best luck to everyone!


Vasyl Bezchasnyy 

Kharkiv Ukraine


Plan to increase the number of young in F1C , maybe other classes to?


From: gilbert morris



Flyoffs get cancelled primarily because of wind, rain or storm that would

otherwise be detrimental to the model, neighboring land owners or

retrievers themselves. In such case decide ranking by modeler age; the

youngest 1st place --the oldest last place, impersonal and gracious.




Editor’s comment .. not sure if all other Grand Master sportsmen are as gracious as you are Gil.


Fly off discussion

From:George Voss


Forgive me for my naiveté, but shorter motor runs/less height on launch will solve this discussion, won’t it? 


Editor’s comment: Mike A aka the Dino made some suggestions around this subject.  The issue is how to reduce performance when needed in such away the sportsman can comply with at short notice, without requiring another special airplane or having to do complex trim changes. 



Editor’s Comment


I made too many :)