SEN 2429 - Standard models win as F1B has a gym while many fly in Russia and CIAM photographs the World Cup

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Standard models win as F1B has a gym while many fly in Russia and CIAM photographs the World Cup


  1. From FB –1  Standard-models used in standard-methods can win a world-cup event
  2. From FB -2  I have a gym in the pylon of my F1B
  3. Participation in Russia
  4. World Cup winners @ CIAM




From FB –1  Standard-models used in standard-methods can win a world-cup

Post by: Gerhard Aringer


 This 1st place from Tomas Strobel was a nice demonstration that still standard-models used in standard-methods can win a world-cup!


TSCHOP short model made by Luca ARINGER with specification below:

Airfoil: TSCHOP 1987 (WC Poitou); taken from his model
Stab: M&K laminar
Layout: done by Stefan RUMPP
Hook: ARINGER servo hook

How Thomas used this model:

Towing: right circle with stab up and tight circle
Launch: zoom launch; climb up in 1,5 - 2 circles
1st glide: stab up and tight circle for 20 - 30 s
Glide: circle 25 - 30 s

The question is how can you win such a contest with many competitors on extreme high level in the fly-off when you are not really fast in running and especially with the technique described before?

The answer is very simple: You must concentrate on your strength and use the stuff with firm conviction. That is simply what Thomas demonstrates to us.

By the way Jörg SCHELLHASE is doing the same (but with bunt-trim) with the same model for many years now. Jörg won EIFELPOKAL some years ago against ROLAND by just concentrating on his strength!

So congratulation for that brilliant win and for showing us that not only HIGH TECH MODELS can win!



From FB -2  I have a gym in the pylon of my F1B

Posting (from Pavel Khoroshev) in Russian shows picture of F1B pylon. With some wires hanging out. No commentary or description and any language

Note that this is NOT a criticism of anyone, except perhaps FB.  Their translation from Russian was so off the wall that I had to include this as piece of humor.

Павел Хорошев Ну как-то так.

Well, that's the way it is.


Automatically Translated by Face book … well I understand that


Evgeny Pustoselov Качалку на винт потолще нужно, если бобышка Вивчара, разогреется качалка и слетит бобышка с задержки.

The Propeller is thicker than the gym, if the lug is vivčara, floor the gym, and then goes the lug from the delay.


Automatically Translated – No picture of propeller or gym for that matter- does this pylon have its own gym built in?


Dmitry Moskalenko Паша!!!!! Даёшь F-1-C

Pasha!!!!! Give F-1-c


Automatically Translated – Hmmm




·       Participation in Russia



From Steve Jones

Wow (concerning the photos from Nartkala) !!!  What kind of koolaid are they giving to the young folks I see pictured?! Yes, lots of young free flight modelers with pretty-looking planes. Good for them.
Steve Jones / Denver


Editor’s Comment:  Steve there is no doubt that there is greater participation in Free Flight in some countries other than the USA particularly by young people.. I few years ago I spent some time with a young Russian F1A flyer about the same age as one of my grandson’s. He knew all the geek tech info about my iPhone, music, what was trendy etc just like one of my grandsons in the USA. Also one of those grandsons plays online video games with people all around the world, including Russia. So while there are other social and cultural differences between countries it was not that kids in the USA are just overly absorbed or distracted by tech, compared with kids in other countries, have the same “distractions”. We can say that the USA is large country compared with a central European country so USA kids are drive time days apart not hours like in (for example) Roumania.  But Russia is big country, …hmm So Steve it’s not koolaid but why is a good question.


World Cup winners @ CIAM


Photos including 2 in  Free Flight category.


CIAM Flyer on World Champs Classes