Hummingbird Model Products @ Fab Feb

Hummingbird Model Products will be at Fab Feb

From: Bernard Guest
Hi Sen Master,
I Bernard Guest (hummingbird Model Products) will be at Fab Feb with some goodies. I will have band burner timers and batteries, E36 timers, Lipo chargers (USB type for single cell batteries ranging from 500 Mah to 20 Mah), Balsa strippers, My new pitch gauge (also upgrade kits for older model pitch gauges) and my new blast shield for stooges (prevents those annoying line tangles), blast shield for coup winders (Blazeyvitch type - the shield slides onto the torque meter housing). Also if folks want to order a kit and have me bring it to the field for Hand to hand delivery they should get in touch now so that I have time to make their order.

Finally, if you could pass this along to the Ike AMA/SAM organizers so that they can distribute to their competitors that would be appreciated.

I will be in the Canadian RV on the field for the entire contest (Feb2 - Feb 17). Drop by for a chat.


Bernard Guest
Hummingbird Model Products
Mobile: +44 07939261340