SEN 2021 - Fab Feb World Cup Updates.

SEN 2021

Fab Feb World Cup Updates.

We have received more questions about the Fab Feb contests in 2022.
Firstly, the details for 2022 have not been confirmed yet and there are some outstanding issues we are working on. But here is some information.

In particular the exact dates of the events have not been confirmed and the sanctions have not been obtained yet.
The Fab Feb contest is anchored on the MaxMen International. This event is traditionally held on the Presidents Day public holiday. In 2022 this is the weekend of 19 to 21 Feb. Typically, the MaxMen starts on the Friday and the Monday is a Reserve Day. The Week starts at the previous weekend with signups on the Friday and the Kiwi Cup and Ike starting on Saturday. Note these the are typical days, the actual Dates for 2022 are not fixed yet. The F1E events and the North American Cup are mid-week between those events as is the America’s Cup Banquet and the Ladies Tea Party.
One piece of good news is that in a few days the USA will relax covid related travel restrictions that applied to most EU and some other countries. There is a new requirement that travelers be vaccinated and pass a covid test just before leaving home. As with many things covid related the situation can be changeable. The CDC Web site with the rules is at :
Also check with your airline if they have any requirements. The USA visa waiver rules may be different for some countries so please check your particular circumstances. If you require a covid test before returning home the nearest big towns to Lost Hills are Wasco, Bakersfield and Delano that have large Drugstores such as Rite-Aid, CVS and Walgreens that offer covid testing. Fast testing is also available at LAX with a number of different choices as to speed, type and cost see here : This LAX test was done by some people after the October events and the day before they flew and it worked well.

Reminder is that in 2022 all models for FAI World Cup and World Champs have to have the FAI on the wing. Check your copy of the Sporting Code ! …which of course every serious Sportsman has downloaded from the .

If you are planning on attending you can help us by replying to this email indicating:
How many in your party that will be competing ?
How many events will you be taking part in ?

Extra work has to be done by the organizers for international visitors and an approximate idea of how many helps with the preparation.