SEN 2895 - Perfect Planks- Ebenland F1E Competition

SEN 2895

1. Perfect Planks
2. Ebenland F1E Competition
3. Harvest Classic 2021 Announcement

Perfect Planks

From:Mike Schwartz  

To keep your building boards from cupping and need resurfacing, you need to seal the top/bottom and the sides of the board. If you only seal the top, humidity will cause the boards to cup or warp.   I have been using a board made of pine by the Perfect Plank Company in Oroville, Ca. I have been using this board since 1970. Bob Hunter and I bought 2 of them to build the Team Satellite models on them.  They are 24 in. wide and 8 foot long and 1 3/4 in thick. They are made from wide lamination strips of pine 2 in to 4 in wide glued together..  Perfect Plank makes butcher block counter tops out of pine, alder, maple, walnut and mahogany among others. They range from 12 in to 48 in wide and 24 in long to 144 in. long. They offer 2 thickness of boards 1 3/8 in and 1 3/4 in. My board has never warped in over 50 years of use. The boards are not light in weight. Check their web site for more information.

Ebenland F1E Competition

From:William Damerell

The Ebenland F1E competition was flown yesterday on the slopes of Ebenland in glorious sunshine overlooking the small village of Wil in Switzerland. A mild Northerly breeze saw good times recorded.

Results are at:


Thanks for publishing this.


In Free Flight,


Kind Regards

William Damerell.

Harvest Classic 2021 Announcement

From:Andrew Barron

As a reminder, I forward the announcement Tom Juell sent out earlier about
the Harvest Classic contest John Clapp is running this weekend.  I hope to
see many of you there. Thermals, Andrew

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From: Tom Juell
John Clapp is announcing his Harvest Classic contest on September, 18th and
19th 2021 at Barron Field, Wawayanda.  See the attached schedule of events.


Hope to see you all at the September Harvest Classic.

Stay cool in this hot weather,

Tom Juell

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