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You need to leap
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From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Great editorial Rog, you left me wanting more. Cheers

You need to leap
From: gliderbohm
As usual, the thinking in your editorial is clear, smart, and wise. I think you are spot on.  Although, instead of crossing the chasm we might have to Leap!Also, what kept me reading was your humor, thanks

Lock it all up

From: Dean McGinnes
This is from a modeler who does NOT fly any FAI events..  In consulting with stakeholders maybe someone should be interested is why a lifetime Free Flight (Always Capitalize) does not participate.
My solution to the "Chasm":  Go back to locked down models.  I can hear the factories in Eastern Europe screaming!
F1A--no circle tow, zoom or bunt.  DT and auto rudder only.  50 meters of line.  Talk about leveling the playing field!F1B--prop stop and DT only.  Also no auto surfaces.  40 gram motorsF1C--engine stop and DT only, no auto surfaces. 7 seconds engine run.
Keep the 3-minute max 
Introduce same changes to the "lesser" classes.
Models would be simpler and within reach of more younger modelers.  Some might actually build them themselves (horrors!)
The factories could still churn out models but their costs to produce would be greatly reduced.  No need to reinstate the dreaded BOM.  No restriction on materials, the composite industry will still be viable.
Performance reduced and field size requirements greatly eased.
Many say that FAI should be about extracting all possible performance.  Well, that concept would remain and even more emphasis would be on flying and trimming kill rather than being able to write the big checks out-spending the competition.
I'm sure this won't be printed in SEN, since it is at odds with every corner of the "FAI establishment".  It does, however, make perfect sense.
Dean McGinnes
Alabama, USA

Alt Action

The first use of All-Tee in a contest has been reported with Gauthier Briere of France winning and Daniel Seifert of German second in the F1C Flyoff at the Eifel Pokal in Germany.

Seen of the FB, there are just a few Icare2 GPS left but they will superseded by the latest Flying MiniNeurone from the same source but different name and web site. This will be ready “real soon now”. The web site is or go here to see our favorite flying site in all it’s glory , our favorite class and the current World Champ