SEN 2868 - Remembering Craig - Report from Texas

SEN 2868

1. Remembering Craig
2. Report from Texas

Remembering Craig

I met Craig for the first time during Elsinore F/F Contests back during 1972-73.
A great competitor, friend and excellent human being.
Alberto Dona

Craig Cusick was an early member of the San Valeers before the SCAT club was formed. In fact, he was one of the founding members of the Junior San Valeers which was founded to help the large number of Junior age fliers, who wanted to fly free flight. He learned from the best and gave back the best to others.

Mike Schwartz

Report from Texas

From : Jim Parker on FB
The Henry Spence Memorial TCC contest was this past weekend at the Hamilton Municipal airport, CD’d by Steve Spence. Per forecast, Saturday was windy, 15 to 20 mph+ plus. Couple AMA power guys flew. Sunday per forecast was great. Lots of great flying. I one point I "complained" to the CD, Steve Spence that it was too calm to launch my LDA glider!
Close group of AMA, FAC and FAI flyers, most have dinner together on Saturday night.
I was motivated by last month’s Hamilton contest were I spent 2 hrs in the short corn adjacent to the field looking for my glider (survived a rain storm) to install my iCare GPS in two gliders. Wow—ready for the NATs next month.
Monday forecast was good too so I stayed over. Most flyers stay at the Hamilton Inn--- 4 minutes from the flying site-- $50 a night! Had a chance to fly my flappers and shOK.
Had thought of learning the Jama fall but discovered down in the soft Texas grass can be small prickly pear cactus and Caliche (flat sandstone like rocks). No problem running over but best not take a hard fall in it.

SCAT President Jim Parker recently moved to back to Texas after many years in a foreign country.