SEN 2867 Who’s your timer ? & Cusck

SEN 2867

1. Who’s your timer ?
2. MMM 14-Round Contest in Denver--July 9-11
3. Craig Cusick


Who’s your timer ?

From: Michael Achterberg
For anyone who flies or has flown freeflight know that there is a very high luck factor in our sporting event.. But timers losing site of model or model goes behind trees or other obstacles in the timers line of site should never be an issue anymore..  Anyone that doesn’t like altimeters as the answer, it's no problem. The timer has your flight. I prefer the Allard’s altimeter.   Also, what hasn't been discussed is the ease of running a big contest flyoff. Sometimes it's very hard for the organizer to find enough timers. And at best we get one timer per pole.   Its sure going to be easy when everyone accepts this technology as the way it should be done..  Altimeters are more accurate, fairer  and simpler way to find the true winner. This is great for freeflight and  something that has been needed forever. Just didn't have the technology available.. Now, we do!!! Thank you Allard Van Walleen. 


MMM 14-Round Contest in Denver--July 9-11

From:Pete McQuade
Fellow FAI, AMA, NFFS, and SAM Fliers:

Just a reminder that the annual *MMM 14-Rounder* contest is under 3 weeks
away: *July 9-11*, in Denver, CO.  We have a full slate of FAI, AMA, NFFS,
and SAM events.  And F1E *will* be a World Cup Event, once again.

We’ll have the MMM grill fired up at lunchtime: there’ll be hamburgers, hot
dogs, etc. for sale.

Also remember, in order to receive the *early-registration discount*, your
entry must be received by—or postmarked by—*June 30*.  Of course, you can
register anytime, including on the field.  For entry form and contest
details, send an e-mail to *This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>*

See you in Denver, July 9-11!

Pete McQuade, John McGrath, and Jace Pivonka



Craig Cusick

From: Juan Livotto I'm very sad to let you know that our very good friend Craig Cusick passed away yesterday at 4 PM. 
We will all miss him, he was a great person
Will pray for him and his family

PS. Please Roger, will you publish this in the SEN, there are lots of people that knew Craig. Thanks


Juan A. Livotto

Editor’s Comment: Craig was an early member of SCAT and an excellent draftsman. His plans were an important feature of Scatter the club’s publication of the early period prior to SEN. His power models including Saturn and Solar have graceful lines that reflected his artistic ability. He was great to be around and his wonderful sense of humor kept us in touch with reality.