SEN 2861

SEN 2861

1. Scandinavian World Cups
2. The Dino likes Altimeters
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Scandinavian World Cups

From: Per Findahl 

We are happy to announce that we will fly two out of three from our planned World Cup contests on Öland in the beginning of July. Arrival and registration 8/7, Swedish Cup 9/7, Danish Cup 10/7 and spare day 11/7. 
Welcome  !
More info can be found at this address:


The Dino likes Altimeters

From:Michael Achterberg
Hello to all.

  Since Pierre voice his opinion  decided to add another thought. I believe this is great for freeflight. Everyone that has competed for years in freeflight has not won a contest because their model got higher in the wind and of course went further and out of sight first. Or went behind a tree out of sight or maybe the timer just lost it or timed the wrong model.. It happens. Part of freeflight.   But Allards altimeter fixes those issues. I find it hard to believe anyone would be against this. I know for a fact that this has happened to me more times than care to remember. But it has happened to many flyers and if you have done this long enough it has probably  happened to you or someone you know. Its freeflight! But now it doesnt have to be so. This is great for freeflight and awesome for small fields. Doesnt help chasing, but it will pick a true winner. No more best set of binos wins. To me it's what freeflight needs and I say thank you Allard. Great job. 


Editor’s Comment. Mike maybe you may have misunderstood the purpose of the All-Tee altimeter. The purpose of the altimeter is only for altimeter flyoffs. Here it determines the altitude after a pre-determined D/T time. It is not a general purpose tool to be used to replace or complement traditional timing.
Over time people have discussed different approaches to automated flight timing and some has been done on that, but nothing is official yet. That is more complicated than measuring the altitude of an airplane in the air. It is relatively easy to estimate the time the aircraft lands. But much more difficult to do it accurately and in the case of a long fly off dealing with a lost model etc.
Some other informal comments have indicated other people think that the scope is wider that a D/T flyoff.



From:Cenny Breeman   
I fully agree with Pierre when he states that in free flight it is all about duration.
We could however go one step further with the use of altimeters by extrapolating the flight time after the required max. This is very well possible and far more honest than forcing a score based on altitude. Afterall, a model at 60m in reasonable air could eventually do a longer time than a model at 100m in bad air.

Cenny Breeman