SEN 2840

SEN 2840

1. 61, I was there
2. Two April F1E competitions at Lost Hills
3. Connie memorial note

61, I was there

From:?Peter Brocks

Re SEN 2839, Martin Dilly: I was a time keeper for the British Team and the US Power Team at the 1961 World Champs at Leutkirch, Germany. I know that Herb Kothe was the Team Manager for the US Team and I believe that Pete Sotich was the Assistant Team Manager.

Two April F1E competitions at Lost Hills

From:Peter Brocks

After a 6 month dry spell there will 2 America’s Cup F1E contests at Lost Hills, On April 12 there will be the Arizona F1E Champs on Holloway Hill and on April 13 the Southwest F1E Challenge. The two flyers with all information can be downloaded from the NFFS Free Flight Calendar or the LHFFMAA Upcoming Events website. These 2 competitions are on Monday and Tuesday after the San Valeers Annual.

Peter Brocks

Connie memorial note

From: Dallas Parker  Hi Roger,

I heard about Connie P passing, and wanted to write a short memorial....

I remember when I was a kid on the flying field.  One day, everything was normal, untill I got stung by a bee on my neck.  I didn't realize it at first but I was having a semi bad allergic reaction.  When Connie happened to come by, she knew exactly what to do.  Thankfully she had an extra EpiPen, and used it to halt the large swelling.  She then waited and observed me for a while, until everything was all better.  It was such a major blessing that she was there that day.  I will miss her, and pray that she is in a better place.
-Dallas P