SEN 2824

SEN 2824

1. Not Fab Feb Reminder
2. Others have them too.
3. Haggis timer? 
4. Searching for a Tracker ( does that sound right ?)


Not Fab Feb Reminder

The Fab Feb – contests – Isaccson Winter Classic, Kiwi Cup, North American and MaxMen International are NOT being held in February this year. It appears that there may have been some confusion if the Ike was included in this postponement. It is included. The Ike is not being held in February.

There is a plan underway to reschedule some or all of these later in the year, probably around October. Details will follow.

Others have them too.

From:Dick Ivers
SEN 2823 Regarding Tapio’s F1S timer with on board regulator:
I have been flying the same type of timer since last year with good results. Mine is a updated eMax timer from Texas Timers. I didn’t know about Tapio’s, but mine uses a LT1763-5.0 on board regulator. This allows the use of very small and powerful ESCs from the drone world. Right now my F1S models are all flying with this ESC:


Haggis timer? 

From:Jerry Fitch
Haggis timer?  So it doesn't get overdone?

Editor’s comment – Jerry , it is not a timer , it is an alert. An angry or upset haggis can damage a landed model, an alert initiated targeted frequency noise can dissuade the errant haggis. BTW this haggis issue is the only reason that to this date a World Champs has not been held North of Hadrian’s wall.

Searching for a Tracker ( does that sound right ?)

From: Mike Kirda     
Am looking for a small, lightweight Walston-compatible tracking bug that
might be surplus to your needs.
2 or 3 battery model of the original supplied would be great.

Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mike Kirda