SEN 2212 - 5 Nov 2016

Table of Contents -SEN 2212


  1. Merry Smith's Photo of Boulder City Contest Oct 2016
  2. A Reserve Day?
  3. F1C For sale
  4. Reserve Days and other Absurdities


Merry Smith's Photo of Boulder City Contest Oct 2016

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Roger, here are my latest free flight pictures from Boulder

A Reserve Day?

From: aram schlosberg
Dick Ivers point about a reserve day is completely valid.  Only the Finals, that have 6 contests flown in three days, justifies having a “reserve day” to complete contests and settle ties.
So weekend contests should manage without a reserve day. We have reasonably accurate short term weather predictions, and events can be shuffled between Saturday and Sunday. With a pending bad weather forecast, rounds could be shrunk – starting the next round as soon as everyone is back (a Canadian practice). The CD at Boulder City could have started the Sunday flying as early as possible, say 15 minutes after sunrise, to try and reach the 5 round quorum.
As a CD, I would give special consideration to those who have flown in because cross country flying and car rental is expensive. As a competitor, I would have declined to fly on Monday if my competitors had to catch  their return flights or show up for their jobs.

F1C For sale
From:Shannon Tolmie
Hi Roger,
I have a Babenko folder for sale, can you please place a for sale in the next sen news,
Please contact Shannon Tolmie for details, info and pictures at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shannon Tolmie

Reserve Days and other Absurdities

I would like to make one final comment regarding the reserve day decision at
Boulder City;

On Sunday, when I approached the contest management to complain about the
unfairness of their decision to continue flying on Monday, I was told
directly that the dilemma was "my fault" because I did not schedule my
return flights to Boston to account for the reserve day. Of course this
statement is preposterous. This was a weekend contest not the World
Championships. Nobody would schedule their air travel for a "reserve day".

In the future I will be very, very wary about signing up for air travel to any weekend contest advertising a reserve day
Dick Ivers 

Roger Morrell