SEN 2778

SEN 2778

1. Lacey-Kerr Memorial
 2.Covering Help

Lacey-Kerr Memorial

This is a late contest, held at Wawaywanda which is in the grip of large dried out corn fields on three sides and a row of large trees along both sides of the Wallkill river to the east.
Saturday it was blowing hard up the field from the south and all flying was rolled to Sunday. On Sunday the drift was switching around and we moved three timed until we settled at the midpoint of the north cross road before official flying commenced. It was windy and maxes were reduced to 2 minutes for the large FAI events, 90 seconds for the rest to help remain on the field.
The Ulms, who travelled up from Virginia slept over in a tent, decided to fly their catapult gliders, keeping their A models safe. And as Peter Barron had to work, we had no A flying. In B my RDT saved a model that flipped over into a death dive under power. Fortunately, it has a conventional wing. In G Yuda Avla’s model caught the largest thermal of the day and landed deep into the corn field to our south. He counted 136 rows of dry corn returning, plus crossing a large drainage canal.
The meet was an opportunity to socialize outdoors on a nice windy day with overcast. Only G, P30 and catapult glider had more than one entry. John Clapp has rudder functioning problems in his G model. It was nice to have Brian Pacelli make a few flights on his old P model from being junior team, after injuring his wrist in a cycling accident. Since we had 12 glass trophies Andrew got last year, every participant was awarded one. ///

Lacey-Kerr Memorial
Wawaywanda NY, Oct 11, 2020
Maxes B,Q 120; the rest 90

B 120 22 120 120 120 502 Aram Schlosberg

G 88 90 90 90 90 448 Yuda Avla
G 74 84 81 65 81 385 Don Rousseau
Q 79 120 120 120 120 559 Aram Schlosberg

S 90 90 90 90 90 450 Drake Hooke

Cat Glider
53 49 67 169 Gene Ulm
48 81 38 157 Vic Nippert
36 45 49 120 Adelaide Ulm

E36 90 90 90 270 Drake Hooke

P30 90 90 90 270 Ron Felix
P30 64 60 64 188 Ian Hurley

Covering Help



May be you can answer me, if not please put a request on your SEN.

What is the lightest covering material used nowadays in F/F models..?

Would prefer something with heat sensitive glue on, but it's not mandatory.

Also would prefer not a shiny material, but something more like a silkspan's to be used on a semi scale Minimoa 1.4m wingspan (details below)


Editor’s Comment, Alberto was a SCAT Member ad F1A for many years, he is build a scale ( R/C?) glider that needs free flight techniques, so come to us for advice

MINIMOA 1422mm (56”) Wing Span – Laser Cut Kit Scale 1:12, Wing Area: 13.7dm2, Fuse Length: 623mm (24.5”) Flying weight: 300-320g (10.5-11.2 oz)