SEN 2769 - What’s next

SEN 2769

What’s next

1. Fab Feb 2021
2. How about this ?
3. Looking for older gen AA Hubs

Fab Feb 2021

We have had some enquiries and received some input about Fab Feb in 2021.
The Fab Feb in its current form is a week of contests anchored by the Maxmen International. Originally the Winter Classic (Ike and Kiwi) was an additional event for those, mainly from outside the USA, who arrived ‘early’ to get in some trimming before the Maxmen. It became more popular when the World Cups started, and the Canadians organized the North American Cup that takes place mid-week.
While no final decision has been made, it seems very unlikely that we will be able to hold the contest in this format in 2021. People[LM1] are learning how to manage the situation, taking what precautions are appropriate. But this may not be sufficient for a large contest which involves international travel, eating in restaurants, etc. for two weeks.

Normally at this time people would be making their plans to come to Lost Hills from about 30 countries. A few people have contacted me to say that circumstances beyond their control are stopping them from coming; others have said that there are just too many unknowns and that they are not comfortable travelling. It is not clear yet when in 2021 World Cup contests will recommence.
Currently Canadians cannot visit the USA for recreational purposes and I understand that this restriction has recently been extended until December. It is very difficult at the present, more so than normal, to get US visas for those who need them to visit the USA.

Bill Booth, the CD of the Maxmen, still plans to run his event. So even if people from outside the USA cannot attend, “local” people would still have this classic event. The Ike has some non-FAI events and it may be possible to organize a contest for those events. We do not believe that “local” people would come for a week of “local” contests without any international participation.
We would appreciate any personal feedback you give us via the SEN email. And you should definitey check before making major travel arrangements to insure that the contest(s) you want to attend are being held and in what format (i.e. World Cup or not). We will update via SEN as the situation evolves.

How about this ?

From: Lindy Murrell 

At this point the lack of clarity with regards to World Cup for 2021 is causing a lot of indecision ... rightly so given the status of COVID-19 around the world.  I have a proposal which I think would work and perhaps end the uncertainty.  This is based on my understanding that World Cup points are counted from some limited number of contests; a contestant may choose to attend more contests but only that number count.

What I propose is the following:

- for 2021, no contests should be designated as World Cup until July.  This should be announced now to put us all out of our misery.
- the FAI may choose to extend this moratorium based on what is happening around the world with regards to where there are outbreaks, which countries are limiting travel (either in or out), etc. 
- any contests held in 2021 would be included in the points for 2022.  In other words, the would essentially be a World Cup winner for 2021-2022.

I guess it could happen that this could go on longer than 2021 so that 2022 is in jeopardy as well but at the moment there is optimism that we can return to something closer to normal by 2022.  What I propose is that we try to split the difference, leave the FAI more time to make a rational decision without the pressure of dealing with early 2021 when there is still so much turmoil.


Looking for older gen AA Hubs

From: Michael Achterberg

Hello.  I'm looking for 2 older AA Vp 30mm hubs for a new Jr flyer. He is an extremely talented young junior. An he loves rubber models. Put an ad out in Facebook, but no replies as yet.   We got the AA timers from Alex so that's part of the search is done. Now, looking for 2 of his VP 30mm hubs. Can’t afford his new flat fold hubs, so looking to purchase the older version at a reasonable price. I have 2 new arm sets, new cams and bearings to rebuild these older versions.    Figure there must be a lot of these laying around in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere in America. Flyers may have some that they would like to sell if they have upgraded to Alex new flat fold hubs. Can’t afford those, but willing to purchase older versions at reasonable price. Let me know plesse   Take care and be safe and wear a mask! 
Michael Aka.. Dino
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