SEN 2768

SEN 2768

1. 44th Annual Sierra Cup
3. In the press - NFFS Sympo 2020

44th Annual Sierra Cup
An FAI Free Flight America’s Cup Event
October 8-12, 2020
Sponsored by the Southern California Aero Team
Lost Hills, California, USA
Schedule of Events:

Thursday, October 8
F1E On the hill starting at 10 AM Peter Brocks is the Contest Director.
Saturday, October 10 F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q, F1P
Seven one hour rounds flown from a line as opposed to poles beginning at 8 AM with extended maxes to 240 seconds for the first and second rounds, Fly offs to be scheduled following regular rounds. Any fly offs required in any event after Saturday will be flown at 7 AM prior to the start of the Kotuku Cup “Big” events.

Monday, October 12 The “Mini” Events F1G F1H F1J and F1S
The Mini Events will be combined with the Kotuku Cup Mini Events (two distinct contests). There will be five 90 minute rounds in which to fly in both contests (one round in each contest per round for a total of two flights per round). Kotuku Cup flies first each round and will have the first round timed to the ground as a tie breaker. Sierra Cup will have fly offs after the Kotuku Cup is concluded.
General Rules: The contest will be run to current FAI rules and Sporting Code. No motor flapping is allowed. This is a time one/fly one format so buddy up with a fellow competitor for timing. FAI stamp is required for the Big events if flying for World Cup Points.
Speed limit on all roads is 20 miles per hour for dust mitigation.
Do not climb trees to retrieve models.
Covid 19 protocols will be in place and there will be a flyer with rules closer to the contest date.
Mike McKeever-CD (916) 390-3212 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Entry Fees: F1A, F1B F1C F1Q, F1E $35 F1G F1H F1J F1P and F1S $15
Junior fees are $5 for any event.

Oct 9th - 12th , 2020 at Lost Hills Field, CA.
Sponsored by Southern California Aero Team

Friday, Oct 9th KOTUKU CUP F1E 5 one-hour rounds start at 10:00 am Saturday, October
Sunday, Oct 11th F1A,F1B,F1C,F1P,F1Q
Seven [7] one hour rounds start @ 8:00 AM with extended max times F1A, F1B, F1C, F1P and F1Q -240 seconds 1st ROUND
Remaining round maxes are 180 sec.
Fly off schedule 30 min after end of last round. Event start times will be posted. This is a fly one time one and will be done from a flight line.
Monday OCT 12th F1G, F1H, F1J, F1S
Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1G 7:30- 7:40; F1H 7:45-7:55; F1S & F1J 8:10 – 8:20 Standard Four [4) rounds 90 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes,
Fly to the ground to count as Round 1, any time over 120 sec will count as tiebreaker. 90-minute rounds to be shared with Sierra Cup.
F1H, F1G, F1J & F1S

Entry Fees:
FAI events: FIA, B, C, P, Q & E; $30 each
$15. each for F1H, F1G, F1J, F1S AMA age juniors: $5/event
Trophies awarded for 1-2-3 places in F1A, B, C, G, H, S, Q, & E Junior Hi-Time Trophy F1A, F1B
F1P & F1J 1st only
AMA membership is mandatory.
FAI events run to the 2020 FAI rules.

Flight line will move as needed to avoid retrieval from fields of trees. No Moto-flapping.
RDT allowed all events.

Contest Director
Brian Van Nest
2346 Cheyenne Dr
Bishop CA 93514
Cell 760-937-0177
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pre-registration requested via email, pay on field. Events entered,



In the press

NFFS Sympo 2020 – editor Kit Bays – contributors more than 30.
I can say it now officially because my 2020 NFFS sympo arrived in the mail
So Congrats to

Peter Allnutt
Charlie Jones
For becoming members of the NFFS Hall of fame – well deserved.

Also congrats to the following Model of the Year recipients

FAI – Gorskiy Long Flapper F1A – Anton Gorskiy
Indoor – Euro Champs F1D – Ivan Treger
Scale – BE 12 biplane – Rich Adams
Power – Morris E36 – George Morris
Sport/Competition – Blue Ridge Special – Phil Hartman
Special Award – Volare products – George Bredehoft

Just over 200 pages of FF goodness , will be in the NFFS store “real soon now”, pre orders are being mailed.
Maybe this issue established a record for having both the youngest and oldest contributor ever, from Skylar Donnelly and Adelaide Machado Ulm to Bud Romak and Gil Morris. Although Bud and Gill must rate as some the youngest at heart