SEN 2725 - Musings, schedules, reminiscing and planning

SEN 2725

Musings, schedules, reminiscing and planning

1. More musings on the World FF Schedule
3. Jahnke's Story
4. USA AMA District 10 Electric Flyers


More musings on the World FF Schedule


Was really hoping for a push back of Euros to 2021 and WC in 2022. But that didn’t happen as I heard rumors of this possibility.  I agree with Mike Schwartz. And we can do a one time proposal and use the 3 contests at Feb Fab to run an Americas cup style Finals. Lowest point totals of top 3 make team. I figure out my plan to make the team! I can enter all 3 and fly in none. I win with 0 points.  Heheheheee.   Anyway, we have time to decide how this pandemic plays out to decide what best way to proceed. And Mike is correct that the Feb contests still leaves plenty of time to get ready for WC, no matter what the program choice or format looks like...  And we already have  Finals CD.. Thanks to Larry Norval.. Your welcome Larry. Owe you one for Facebook entry!!  Haha..   Hope everyone in our group is being safe and stays well. An of course their family's and friends. Good luck to us all. 



From: Ed Carroll
April 8, 2020

I have just heard from Dave Lindley that AMA has set June 10th as the deadline for a decision on whether or not to hold the Outdoor Nationals this summer. I will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, planning will continue.
I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. It’s hard not to be flying.
Ed Carroll
2020 Outdoor Nationals CD

Jahnke's Story

From:John Lorbiecki

I had forgotten about my "incident" until Ross brought it up. I was circle towing my "Woody" F1A design on one of the runways at Bong. And, as Ross said, the hand glider guys decided that the would fly on the same day. These gliders were car towed but retrevial for them was on the back of a pick up truck. I happen to be up in the air, circling, when bang, the next thing I knew I was on the ground. After gaining my senses, I looked and saw the truck and hang glider driving away, having hit me with the wing tip. A simple hit in the head wasn't going to stop me. I still had the line and so continued my tow. Did I max? I can't remember that but I do know that the glider guys and I had a discussion and that was the last they came thru our area.

Also, I want to wish all of my FF friends best wishes in this trying time. Dave Lindley (new NFFS president) has been on top of the issues and we have been discussing various outcomes. His board has been heavily involved and they will make the best decisions in regards to keep the events and looking out for the well being of all our competitors. It is trying times and as we have all been told, we will get through it. It definitely will be a short season but I would rather miss a few contests and keep all my friends safe. 

Thanks all for your support and I look forward to seeing everyone as soon as possible!

USA AMA District 10 Electric Flyers

From: Terry Kerger 
Jack Murphy reference to the current AMA rule proposals piqued my interest.
As you may or may not know I volunteered to be the District 10 Free Flight Contest Board Representative.

So if anyone in District 10 has any preference on any or the 2020 rule proposals for Outdoor Free Flight, I would like to hear from those people privately.

If possible make a list from 1-10 and indicate how you would like me to vote on each of the 10 current rule proposals. I will tabulate all your responses and consider voting on each proposal with the majority of those responding to me.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.