SEN 2722 - Timing … {1 April issue)

SEN 2722

Timing …

1. Casino Cup Progress Report
2. Seen in the press
3. Revised USA Team Selection
4. Timing

Casino Cup Progress Report

From:Murphy, Jack
Hello Roger,

I received an email from the BLM that the SRP (Special Recreation Permit) for the Casino Cup will be put in the mail to me tomorrow for my review and signature. Whether or not we will have the contest this year hinges on factors beyond my control but we will keep our fingers crossed. As most people know, Nevada casinos are currently closed under order of the governor due to COVID-19. The ongoing status of this fact will likely dictate the future of the 2020 Casino Cup contest. Getting the permit, however, is to be considered an accomplishment and should streamline the process for future contests going forward.

I hope and pray that all of our fellow sportsmen and sportswomen and their families maintain and enjoy good health in this trying time.

Kind Regards, -j

Jack Murphy

Editor’s Comment : It is often a challenge to convince the owners, or in the case guardians of land to allow us to fly there. So it is a major achievement for Jack to get this permission from the US Federal Gov, another flying site is always great.

Seen in the press

From: Chris edge

Who Would have Thought It   Looking through the latest copy of 'Aeromodeller', probably the worlds longest running model flying organ and now at issue 995, I come to page
43; imagine my surprise when my eyes fall on an article about Keil Kraft
grass seed. Keil Kraft, in the 50s and 60s the UKs biggest modelling enterprise,
produced everything you needed including it seems a carefully curated
system that produced optimised grass beds for test gliding models. No I
didn't either but there it is, a copy of the seed packet recently
discovered and all ! Probably worth more than the equivalent weight of May '99 the owner (not
me by the way) has the Holy Grail of grass, I wonder if we can copy it
for Lost Hills coverage ?
currently complying with all legal restrictions,

Editor’s Comment – Just make sure that the now famous CHE chickens don’t eat those seeds for breakfast.


Revised USA Team Selection

From: James Parker

During the discussion that eventual lead to the cancellation of the SCAT Annual due to the current COVID-19 restrictions a question arose: “What happens if the USA Team Finals cannot be held as now scheduled?”. I offer the following USA Team selection options. I restrict my comments to the F1A team for I dare not make suggestions for events I do not fly.
1.    Use the 2019 Team
2.    Use the 2019 Am Cup standings
3.    Use the 2020 AmCup as completed at the end of 2020
4.    The flyers with the most number of USA F1A teams
5.    Use the highest placing USA flyers at the 2020 February Kiwi Cup, North American and MaxMen
6.    The fourth, fifth and sixth flyers from the 2019 team selection
7.    Current program entrants that have not been on the USA F1A team, in case of tie, oldest to youngest
8.    Use the 2018 Jr Team, they placed higher team than the 2019 open team
9.    Use the 2020 Jr Team, 2 returning veterans and a very high prospects rookie
10.  Random draw from the current participants

I solicited input from other flyers:
1.  Participants send 7 altimeter plots from a single day of contest or practice flying to Aram Shlosberg who would will run the data through his performance algorithm to determine the top three flyers.
2.   Members must speak fluent French. Anonymous
3.   Give Victor a liter of vodka, when the bottle is empty, he will announce the team. 
4.   First three that can write a SEN message and not get a follow up comment referencing Haggis or chickens
5.  Any of the above , Charlie Jones,"As long as I don't have to run the Finals"

Completely unbiased, Jim Parker

Timing …

Is everything…