SEN 2721 - Calendars and other stuff

SEN 2721

Calendars and other stuff

2. USA FF Calendar
2. Double bad stuff
3. Remembering …
4. Cancellation of the Dual-clubs FF Bonanza Contest


USA FF Calendar

This is a reminder that the NFFS maintains an online Calendar of USA Free Flight Events and World Champs. It is at
On that page is the information on how to get events included, be sure to send corrections too.
Here are the upcoming events from the calendar,

May 27 – 31, AMA Indoor Nationals, Eagar, Arizona
June 5 – 7, Empire State Championships, Geneseo, New York 
June 6 Western States Champs, Rancho Cordova, California
June 6 – June 7, NOFFA, Muncie, Indiana
June 6 – 7, Scale Staffel, Perris, California
June 7, Picnic Meet, North Branch, Minnesota 
June 13 – 14, Chattahoochee Challenge, Whitesburg, Georgia
June 20 – 22 Casino Cup, West Wendover, Nevada
June 24 – 28, Kibbie Dome Indoor Annual, Moscow, Idaho
June 27 – 28, Skyscrapers Annual, Wawayanda, New York
July 7 – 8, Dixie Nats, Palm Bay, Florida
July 10 – 12, 40th Annual MMM 14-Rounder, Denver, Colorado
July 16 – 18, Flying Aces Nationals, Geneseo, New York
July 27 – 31, AMA Outdoor Nationals-USOC, Muncie Indiana

Double bad stuff

From:Denny Dock
My best " how to miss a max" and SMASH a model!. I was flying with my buddy Hanford and he was on fire, never seen him better. Two events /per thermal, I timed one with my left hand, one in my right. The whole sky was a thermal! So of course I thought I could do that too...Biig mistake, did one set...two events ,one thermal. Broke a bladder on DT, In a hurry, changed the fuel line too and ran it through the  engine lug, NOT the timer hole. Good pattern for 10 - 15 seconds,then Ker-splat!
Fun while it lasted!

Remembering … great stuff

From:David Halliday
Great memories forged with my friend Dave Sugden A wonderful and generous sportsman. I am truly saddened by the news of his passing. Goodbye my friend.
David Halliday

Cancellation of the Dual-clubs FF Bonanza Contest

From: Don Bartick

Unfortunately the 2020 Dual-clubs Free Flight Bonanza that is schedule to be held May 16/17 at Lost Hills is another victim of the pandemic. It is apparent that there are too many uncertainties associated with the Coronavirus. The President issued yesterday an extension to the stay at home and social distancing through April 30th. This could continue for several months. It is prudent for all of us to honor the Federal directives along with State and County directives. The majority of Free Flighters are in the high risk age group. As such, it is in the best interest to all that the contest be cancelled. I have no interest in postponing it to later in the year. Main reason is I can't fit it in to an already very busy schedule. Furthermore, I don't want to turn around and plan 2021 a few months later. Folks are tuned in to the Dual-club contest being held in May. Let's keep it that way.
I would appreciate club newsletter editors make an announcement to their club membership. I don't want folks showing up that didn't get the word. Thank you and we'll see you May 15-16/2021.
Stay well,
Don Bartick, Organizer/CD
Dual-clubs Free Flight Bonanza