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SEN 2710

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From:Merry Smith

Thank you Malcolm for the great pictorial history of the Fabulous February contests. It shows kids growing up and the rest of us growing a little older also. Great action shots! I greatly appreciate your talent. Merry

Editor’s Comment. Merry, I liked seeing the young people growing too, we see some of them moving through life on the field and on social media. We have a doctor, a World Champ, US Airforce pilot, a US Navy man, a paratrooper in Germany, and engineer (or 2 or 3 or more…) , people doing their military service in Israel, restaurant manager, some in working in Aerospace , running an Automobile dealership, my grandson at college and Magic helper, one doing a trip by himself for the first time to get training for his new job, IT entrepreneur, and more… We see them with their own families, some shy and quiet, some speaking out and with their own friendships. One story from this year is Daniel from Germany who had flown mainly F1B and a little F1P in the Junior World Champs, but always wanted to fly a F1C, so this year his friend Taron from the USA, they met at the Jnr World Champs, let him fly one of his F1Cs (no not THAT one), maybe we have a new F1C recruit ?

F1D and more

So just after we sent the last SEN the powers at be moved the F1D World Champs to December. Thanks to the emails we got telling of this. And we have a seen a couple more World Cup date changes in Europe based on actions by various civil authorities. So keep an eye on the calendar. If you have date changes or even just a plain contest announcement you want us to publish send it to the email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that sent you this SEN. Remember we don’t send pictures or write your announcement for you