SEN 2709 - Schedules and Photos

SEN 2709

Schedules and Photos

1. COVID-19 and our schedules
2. Polish World Cup in Kietrz, March 21, 22 canceled
3. Czech F1E World Cup
Fab Feb photographic Retrospective


COVID-19 and our schedules

The recent corona virus outbreak is up setting our lives in many ways. The various civil authorities around the world are doing the best to resolve it for their particular environment. Because this is a ‘new’ virus there are many unknowns, including how long the out break will last so there is a lot of uncertainty. The sporting events that are affected to most are those that involve a large number of participants or significant international travel. We got 2 notices from different organizers that are below, one cancelling an event and the other postponing to later in the year. We suggest that if you are planning to go to an event involving significant travel that you check the organizer’s web site and contact them if not sure. We have seen on FB a discussion around the F1D World Champs, some teams deciding if to go or not, organizer possibly moving the event until later in the year, contestants wondering what to do etc. For World and Continental where you are representing your country you need to talk with your Team manager and National Aero Club.

Polish World Cup in Kietrz, March 21, 22 canceled
From:Allard van Wallene ATTENTION: The two World Cups in Kietrz Poland on March 21 and 22 have been canceled as the permission from the local authorities has been withdrawn due to fear of Corona spreading. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Regards, Allard

Czech F1E World Cup
From: Jirí Rudolf 

I greet all fans of free flight and F1E especially,
Based on today's announcement of the Czech Security Council, I decided to postpone the F1E World Cup contest from the original date of 21 - 22 March to 5 - 6 September 2020. This date is free and does not interfere with the WC calendar. I will send the information to everyone I have contact with. Please cooperate with the dissemination of this information. I will prepare a new event announcement that I will send. We consulted Mr Kaynes on this situation and fully supported the decision.
Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in a better situation.

(some minor editing of the English translation)


Fab Feb photographic Retrospective

From: Malcolm Campbell 

I couldn’t make Lost Hills this year so I’ve put together a collation photos I’ve taken over the last 10 years of Fab Febs for your enjoyment.  Well, it’s nearly a decade, I missed 2010.  It covers 2011 – 2019 to be precise.  There are 700 photos here, arranged chronologically for you to enjoy.  There are some flyers in my selection that are no longer with us but you will see they were happy in the warm Californian sun, socialising freely at the best free flight gathering in the world.
Malcolm Campbell (AUS)