SEN 2703 - All “Q”ed up

SEN 2703

All “Q”ed up

1. Hello F1Q community
2. A Q innovation
3. Confessions of a Lurker or how I watched fab feb from afar.
4. More on the Fab Feb Results

Hello F1Q community,

 from Andreas Lindner

Some friends and me have think about...
F1Q is an official FAI class since 2 years now and most of F1Q flyers wish they can participate at World or Continental Championships equal to F1ABC.

Before F1Q can get the eligibility to take part at championships we have to fulfil some requirements which are defined in the FAI documents (see here: FAI sporting code, section 4, chapter C.14.1) to give new classes the World Championships status.

The easiest to reach option seems to be to get four World Cup competitions with minimum 15 participants AND minimum six participating nations at EACH competition.
In the past it was none of a World Cup competition which has meets these requirements, but some was nearby. The competitions with the best chance to meet the requirements seems to be: KAR TEL Cup, SPZG Cup in Poland; Salonta Cup, Szabó Miklós Memorial in Romania; FF Kup Slavonije i Baranje, FF Cro Cup, Mura Cup of Slovenia in Croatia, and in 2020 also the Euro-Fly in Switzerland.

The World Championship status for F1Q will not be an automatic process or a simple decision by the FFSC or the CIAM plenum. It is mandatory to reach the requirements.

This can only be done by ourselves, the F1Q competitors. But how we can do this?
A way can be to coordinate our participation at the most frequented World Cup events as above mentioned. It should be possible to organize the participation at four World Cup events in two consecutive years to reach the minimum requirement 15 participants and 6 participating nations for our common aim: World Championship status for F1Q!

If we could reach these participations 2020 and 2021, then
we can make the proposal in November 2021 to CIAM, then the plenum will have to decide in spring 2022, then the first F1Q championship may be organized in 2023.
So the World Championships 2023 will be the earliest opportunity to get an F1Q participation. But therefore we have to start NOW with the work for the realization of this aim.
At first I will ask you what do you think about this way and whether you think this can be a successful solution. Or anybody has more or another ideas to get the W/C status for F1Q?
At second, how we can manage the coordination? All ideas and support welcome!
I hope for a lot of answers and good ideas.

Please distribute this e-mail to your F1Q friends who not included in this mailing list and can be interested on the progress and maybe support of the process of F1Q participation at World Championships
Good flights!
(spokesmen of German F1Q flyers)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A Q innovation

By Aram Schlosberg

Bill Booth, at Maxmen’s Q contest, asked fliers to bring their models to the CD’s tent after a flight. The contestants weighed their models and were asked to demonstrate the energy and motor runs recorded by their energy limiters. Those with a Sidus EL just read out these values. Those with a Dick Ivers EL needed a PC and Jack Murphy allowed me to use his. (Mine was not working and was left home.)

Exceeding either the motor run ceiling or the model’s energy budget is an over run. This should be explicitly stated in the sporting code.

Q energy/motor run spot checking should be emulated in other large Q contests. Organizers need a mechanical scale and the model’s Joules are it’s weight (up to 550 gr.) multiplied by 3. ///


Confessions of a Lurker or how I watched fab feb from afar.

From: Malcolm Campbell Hi Roger


Your online scoring was great for those not on the field because, here in Oz, I’d wake up knowing Lost Hills time was plus 6 hours and minus 1 day and that would mean most of yesterday’s rounds had been completed.  So I could then pretend I was there.


I would download Lindy’s tables to Excel so I could sort the competitors’ progressive scores and then watch the lead change.  It was almost as good as being there.  I repeated this for the later rounds and each fly-off.  I could have waited for Lindy’s final results but that wouldn’t have been as much fun.


Roy Summersby had a golden week and would have to be “Man of the Match”?  Three first places and two seconds must beat all comers in free flight poker?


Cheers More on the Fab Feb Results

Malcolm Campbell

Malcolm thanks for your comments.

Note that the Fab Feb results are displayed on a “published” Google Docs spread sheet. People wanting an Excell spread sheet may request it from SEN.