SEN 2702

SEN 2702

1. 2700, or is it ?
2. 2701
3. Re: SEN 2700 & roadwork2700, or is it ?
4. MaxMen Minis
5. Cal Cup F1E
6. Fab Feb Finished for 2020

2700, or is it ?
From: chris.edge  
Well done on reaching 2700, Roger. However, may I be the 94th person who
noticed that there were two issue 2699s, so which one are we really
celebrating ? EoB

SEN 2701

Well seeing we had 2 SEN 2699 we will skip 2701

Re: SEN 2700 & roadwork
From: Lee Hines
Roadwork STILL ONGOING, but not too hard to navigate, unless you wanted to go to south side, or vice versa.


MaxMen Minis


Findahl Per
Van Nest Brian
Sitton Shmulik

Guest Bernard
ODell Tiffaney
Fitch Jerry

Parker Faust
Susmmersby Roy
Kerger Terry

Achterberg Michael
Murphy Jack
Sitton Shmulik

Full Results online. A couple of corrections made recently





Cal Cup F1E

Jack Greening
Kurt VanNest
Shigeru Kanegawa

Full results online at


Fab Feb Finished for 2020

We noticed that many people were pulling up the results during the different on their phones, worked for all except Peter Allnutt, who needs a technology upgrade. We published in SEN the links so you could click directly and get to the web site – the same information that was used on the electronic score board. That information is updated about every 5 minutes. Any feedback on this would be welcome.

Great weather, great competition, wonderful friends. Good America’s Cup banquet.

Special thanks to the Lost Hills Community Center for the sign up and eat up location.

Except for the clean up on the field, trip home, washing the car, clothes, and just about everything else.

A few lessons for next year, hope the missing friends from China, France, NZ and a number of central European countries will be back and more juniors.