SEN 2369 -24 Nov 2017 Borislav Bardarov - Hummingbird Model Products

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  1. Borislav Bardarov.
  2. Hummingbird Model Products



Borislav Bardarov.


Today, through FaceBook  we learn of the death of well known Bulgarian F1A sportsman Borislav Bardarov. Tragically it appears that he may have been murdered.  Bobi as he is known to his friends was a popular sportsman competing at  the top  level of F1A for many years.





Hummingbird Model Products


From:Bernard Guest


Hi Roger,


I am officially diving into the free flight cottage industry with my new company: Hummingbird Model Products (HMP) - 


I will be offering a line of laser cut  short kits for scale, AMA, FAI, and SAM designs as well as a selection of tools for the Free flight sportsman. I will also offer plans and model airplane art (mainly for the scale enthusiasts). This is a new venture so my line of products will expand rapidly over the coming months. Please keep an eye on my website for new arrivals.


Thanks and do consider a HMP purchase for the holidays ??