SEN 2329 - 15 Aug 2017

SEN 2329 Table of Contents


  1. Timing to the Bunt
  2. Misc Comments  on SEN 2328
  3. World Champs Refly
  4. Re: SEN 2328
  5. Re: SEN 2328 – the Audit
  6. World Championship Escrow Account?
  7. 50Th Rocky Mountain Champs

Timing to the Bunt

From: aram schlosberg  
Timing C engine runs is not easy. When there is a solo flier, novice timers tend to time to the bunt, which is typically an overrun. What I found most useful is to focus fully on listening to the model’s engine and NOT follow the model’s climb. The difference between an audible and a visual timing can be exceed half a second.  And when there is a noisy mass launch, give the flier a Mulligan except when it’s an obvious overrun.
Timing C models’ engine runs should be practiced. A group of timers could time a series of solo C climbs and compare notes. And pair an experienced timer with a novice timer on a pole. The Mongolians realized how critical timing is and schooled the timers every day – an example worth emulating.
Finally, a good practice would to add a third FLOATING timer after an overrun and used the MEDIAN motor run as of the two timers might time to the bunt.

Misc Comments  on SEN 2328

From: John Lorbiecki

1.) Congrats to the team. I have been in rough conditions but it sure seems like this was even rougher. Between temperatures and field conditions, it puts alot of load on the fellow team members to do "the chase". We are not young chickens any more and I know that they worked their butts off. And Charlie J., he is the man! He saved us at a WC and now looks like he did the same. Great guy, great family!

2.) Having run more then my share of Nats, I know that a well run contest gets down to one basic entity- Volunteers. These folks are the ones that are face to face with the competitors and if the are not trained, friendly, and fair, the event goes down hill.It is hard to get skilled folks at every position. Plus, some can be intimidated by a forceful competitor or team member and this can lead to what we could consider an unfair advantage. Plus, it is important to get a set of equipment requirements for each station. And,  simple items like water, chairs, and sun protection can make the timer's job so much easier. It is a grind on these folks and the sharper they are, the better the results. Plus, as we all know, timing 15 flights in a row is a pain!

3.) Results- in this day and age, we all are looking for updates on the competition. I know I looked where ever to see how our guys did. Yes, a person needs to be appointed to this position. I think a brief rundown on conditions and an over view of the day's event would really be cool...Simply, winds are this, flight line is here, flight conditions (corn, beans, sunflowers, lakes, tornadoes...), and other things of interest would keep us in the know.

4.) A team reporter would also be nice- why did Ed drop his round, how did the F1A flyoff go, etc. It takes a person willing to do this but again, in the digital age, we want the info!
All in all, good job guys- I have a lot of friends on the team and I know that their preparation was first class. But, it is the best of the best and add interesting conditions, stuff happens. Thanks to all that made it happen and I look forward to s spectacular 2019 event.

John Lorbiecki - NFFS

World Champs Refly
From: Matt Gewain 

Another time this happened was in the 1985 World Champs in Yugoslavia.
This time it was in the F1A fly off.  Some of the competitors protested
that they did not have timers at the start of the fly off round.  So the
organizers let everyone who failed to max in that round have a second
chance to fly and get a better score.  I was there flying in the fly off.
I will always remember that contest.

Matt Gewain

Re: SEN 2328

From: gary pope

Hi Roger, that was about the best SEN I have read. Excellent & balanced reporting.

Thank you.


Re: SEN 2328 – the Audit

From: Michael Woodhouse

Interesting idea. It seemed to most that there was a bit of Sepp Blatter influence in the organisational style.

If asked I could and would carry out such a task

World Championship Escrow Account?

From: aram schlosberg 
World Championships should not run for profit. Giving the apparent large gap between the fees collected from participants plus supporters in the just completed World Championship and the low related expenses such as the absence of inflatable boats or additional bridges to negotiated the canal that wound through the site. Instead, we should escrow all fee payments into a suitable FAI account in the future. The organizers would receive a certain portion of the funds for their upfront expenses. The rest will be dispersed based on reasonable receipts submitted by the organizers following the event. The residual, if any, should be returned proportionally to participants and supporters.


50Th Rocky Mountain Champs

Sept 1-4

Here isn’t the flyer for this year's Rocky MT FF Champs (because of the format we can’t include it) to be flown over the Labor Day weekend.  Lots of events so everybody should be able to find an event or two to match those models in your shop.  This contest is both Americas Cup and National Cup sanctioned.  In addition the FAC events will allow for Konies.

The HLG folks will have a special event that pays off in real cash awards.

Sounds like a great way to enjoy three days of Colorado free flight.


Jerry Murphy

But you can get info from the web site.  

MMM Web Site

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