SEN 2065

Table of Contents - SEN 2065
  1. SEN 2063 and SEN 2064
  2. NFFS Presidency
  3. SEN 2033/4 Al Boom correction
  4.   Contrary opinion *  AMA Should Turn Away From Multicopters
  5. Icare2 GPS tracker



SEN 2063/4

we sent out two SEN 2063 and no SEN 2064 because it was one of the 2063 ...

NFFS Presidency

From:     John Lorbiecki
Hi all...
As many of you know, I have stated publicly that I would not be running for NFFS president again. After much soul searching and consideration, I have decided to once again run for president. I figured that my job just wasn't done yet and I still wanted to support the sport I love. So, if you are a NFFS member and feel that I have done a good job for you the past four years, why not vote? The ballets will be coming out in an upcoming issue of the Digest.
And, if you are not a member, sign up! We have been working harder to help the FAI fliers and your support by joining is what makes it possible. Just go to and sign up.
Looking forward to working with all of you. Now, if we can just get the F1C rules changed back to where they were, I will be a happy camper!

SEN 2063/4 Correction

From:     John Lorbiecki
Hi Roger... Thanks for the posting about the aluminium for booms...However, the email is wrong...
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                                    Contrary opinion *  AMA Should Turn Away From Multicopters


Quadrocopters and multicopters of all sorts should not be recognized as a model airplane. While an ingenious device it has no redeeming value as a model airplane. Primarily it is a boon to photography and reconnaissance of which AMA has no part except to underwrite their liability. AMA is supported by modelers, not photographers and reconnaissance people. We, the modelers are unwittingly battling Washington and the FAA. Those are dollars being spent at the modeler’s expense.


Gil Morris

Oct. 6, 2015

* A previous SEN editorial supported the AMA's position in embracing all form of recreational model flying machines and in working with the FAA on protecting our interests. That is still the editorial position.

Icare2 GPS Tracker now available

The Icare2 Tracker is now in stock. Please find all informations on
I will be in Bern end of October and in Lost Hills in February for delivery on the field.
I can deliver to your address too.
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Roger Morrell