SEN 2061

Table of Contents - SEN 2061

  1. Stonehenge and Equinox Cup Update
  2. On the Web

Stonehenge and Equinox Cup Update
26th and 27th September
Salisbury Plain , UK

A reminder that pre-entry should have been received by 20th September, but if you are quick, send to John Carter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Entry Forms available from Peter Tribe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note:-
There are notices of road closure in the Shrewton Area which will have a big impact on access for Stonehenge/Equinox Cup at Area 8.
These road closures are described on :-

From Sept 21st to Oct 11th the road works will close the B390 between the junction with the A360 at Shrewton and Maddington Farm - which
is the road out to Area 8. Recommended alternative routes are:-

For those driving from the East, West or South the recommended diversion is West along the A303, then North up the A36 and then east on the B390 through Chitterne to Area 8.

For those driving from the North,  from Tilshead to Chitterne and then East along the B390 to Area 8.

As a result of these diversions, the first round will be delayed 1 hour, to start at 10.00 am.

Peter Tribe

On the Web

The CIAM minutes and annexes arrived on the FAI web site back at then if July. These are under the documentation section of the site. To find them you go to documentation,  then meetings and then year. Finally you can find the minutes and annexes. It has the official record of the final out comes. It does not state how the countries voted. I did notice that a few countries had the proxy of others. For example I think that Japan had the proxy of the Philippines.


Of interest are the annexes. There are many of these. I think that the sheer volume of information, much about CIAM disciplines that are not of interest to an individual sportsman hide gems of Information. The serious FAI free flighter must read 2 excellent reports by Ian Kaynes. They are in Annexes 3 and 4A. The first is a report on the activities of the Free Flight technical sub-committee and the second is a review with lots of interesting participation statistics of the 2014 World Cup year. The actions of the FFTSC are very important with respect to rules changes as they make recommendations that are taken seriously by the Plenary meeting


While on the FAI site in the calendar section  I found the link to the Swiss contest at the end of October and very disappointed to find that entries were no longer being accepted for F1A and F1B as 75 had been received in each class and that was the limit. I guess that people in the “know” are aware that it fills up quickly and get their entry in early. So not to miss out I quickly went to the Israel Aero Club site for the Hanukkah Open but even with the aid of Google Chrome’s translate feature could not find the entry form.  As I’m a F1B sportsman I understand that is necessary that I fly in F1A as well as that is now the Hanukkah tradition so I need to find the right F1A sportsman “friend”. As an interesting incentive I noticed that the air fares to Tel Aviv from LAX are about $150 cheaper than those to Zurich.


Roger Morrell