SEN 2054

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  1. F1E WC
  2. Tangent Update

F1E world championship

From:     Bernhard Schwendemann
Hello Roger,

if you would like to follow the F1E word championship (slope soaring),
currently running in Serbia,
here all the news:

Best regards

News from the Willamette Valley

Very light turn out for the Tangent Classic this past weekend, perhaps a travel hangover given  the Nats and Mongolia that had many flyers on the road or in the air for long periods.  Big day started out with light drift and cooler temperatures but the forecast was to get very breezy and warmer in the early afternoon.  We chose to fly compact rounds in each group and were able to get in seven  in both B & C.  Due to some technical difficulties, the A's got a little behind so we stopped at six rounds for them as the breeze really kick up.  Max outs were limited to Mike McKeever and Ron McBurnett with Blake getting the dreaded 179 in one of his rounds.  Mini day was again benign in the early morning and breezy later with only Tiffany in Coupe, Blake and Mike M in F1 H and Matt in Q flying all rounds.  i put my J away after three maxes in each contest as my fun meter was full.  We were delighted to have two talented Jrs join us this year; Alex Stalick in A and Troy Davis in B.  Both flew very well.

Once again, one of the highlights of these contests in the Spaghetti feed an social, put on by the Willamette Valley Modlers Club and hosted and Linda and Glenn Grells home. This year we once again had a fun after dinner show of diesel combat put on by Canadians, Mel Lynn and Bruce Mathews.  Always a treat to watch these two go at one another. 

Here are the scores and winners:

F1 A  1. Mike McKeever                1080
2. Alex Stalick 1015
3. Pierre Brun 862

F1 B 1. Blake Jensen 1259
2. Troy Davis 1190
3. Al Ulm 891

F1 C 1. Ron McBurnett 1260
2. Matt Gewain 1231
3. Mike Roberts 917

F1 G 1. Tiffany O'Dell 600
2. Troy Davis 318
3. Mike Davis 214

F1 H 1. Blake Jensen 600
2. Mike McKeever 567

F1 J 1. Mike Roberts 360

F1 Q 1. Matt Gewain 900
Thanks again for all those that came.

Ron & Mike

Roger Morrell