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all good things are 3 ...[Problem with the HEC link in SEN 2014]
From:     F1H EURO Challenge
in last SEN 2040 is a strange combination of a link + mailadress

The vision and goals of this HEC series can be found at
when I entered I found it with my mailadress in the end -very strange !

When I send you the text , the right link is

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HEC coordinator

Editor's comment.

Note we have had a number of comments on this. It appears that Ansgar's original message had a special character (to the mail system) that caused each person email address to be inserted as the SEN was being formatted to send to them.  

Huron Cup 2015 report and results:

The 15th annual Huron cup was held at the Zander sod farm in
Tottenham, Ontario (Canada) located aprox 45 minutes North of Toronto. The
weather was about as perfect as you could ever hope for. Zero to 2 m/s wind
all day, blue skies, 30 C and large plentiful thermals. The field is a
glorious expanse of manicured grass (think of a giant golf course but flat)
surrounded by other fields with some crops or grass. There are a few trees
around some of the edges but they are just a single tree deep so it's very
rare and unlucky to end up in a tree.
The wind (what little there was) was from the West which is the ideal
direction for this field. The only drawback to our field is that you do
have to walk a considerable distance to get to the flight line, but almost
everyone came prepared with carts or shoulder bags and little grumbling was

This year I was very happy to see a good contingent of our American friends
making the trip north to fly on our wonderful field. Shlomi Rosenzweig flew
all the way from LA to chase the AmCup points. Israeli F1B team member Ohad
Weisflener is staying in New York and came with Aram Shlosberg to practice
before the World Champs in Mongolia as did Greg Simon (USA F1B team).
Naturally, almost all of the Canadian FAI FF team took advantage of the
great weather to practice as well.

I had decided to fly 5 rounds only this year to allow time to fly mini
events after the big events were complete on the same day. As it turned
out, nobody entered mini events so I could have flown 7 rounds after all.
Also, I had been lobbied hard by several American flyers to include F1Q in
the schedule. However, nobody entered F1Q so that was a disappointment.  We
did get 1 entrant in F1C (Yury Shvedenkov

The 1st round started with a gentle westerly drift and the air was very
bouyant making the extended maxes a formality for almost everyone. All 10
F1B flyers were clean after 3 rounds. In fact, only Cameron Ackerley
(Canada) was unlucky enough to drop the 4th round leaving 9 from 10 in the
flyoff. The conditions were so good that it was about limiting your
technical mistakes. The air was just great.
In F1A, 4 from 8 made the flyoff. While the conditions were ideal for F1B
and F1C, the lack of wind was causing problems for the F1A flyers. Lot's of
huffing and puffing to try and keep the models in the air!

Since the conditions were ideal, Leslie Farkas (Canada Cup CD) decided to
fly 2 rounds of the Canada Cup on Saturday afternoon so that we only needed
to fly 5 rounds on Sunday. It was a good decision as it allowed our
American guests more time for travelling home.

The flyoffs were scheduled for late Saturday evening so everyone was
invited to Ladi Horak's nearby cottage for a Barbeque and some drinks to
relax and get out of the hot sun. Good food and good friends made for a
very relaxed atmosphere that really completes the whole experience imo.
While we were enjoying ourselves the wind had picked up to about 3-4 m/s so
an evening flyoff looked unlikely.

The wind appeared to be calming down so we drove back to the field to
attempt the flyoffs. Unfortunately, while at ground level the wind did seem
to be reduced, some F1A test flights showed a large amount of drift at
altitude. So the flyoffs were postponed until 6:30 am Sunday morning.

6:00 am Sunday morning came much too soon (note to self, less partying the
night before....) and the field was enveloped in ground fog. Charlie Jones
quipped that it was typical CD's luck. Too true.
We moved the flight line far into the field and put up several test flights
with F1A models and determined that there was a West/South-West drift but
very gentle. Ideal for flyoffs as soon as the fog cleared. The fog cleared
about 7:00 am and the F1A flyoff was underway. Jama Danier had made some
monster practice flights with his new 2.5 meter all carbon LDA model. But
for some reason he decided to fly his "short" carbon LDA model (only 2.3
meters) and unfortunately messed up the launch. His model spun down to
about 2/3 height and made only 296 seconds. Shlomi launched soon after and
made a good launch but unbelievably they had tied with identical scores!
Leslie Farkas made 244 seconds for 3rd place with Igor Fradkin making 181
seconds with a conventional model with a mechanical timer.
The F1B flyoff went next and the conditions were just about perfect. Very
little drift and good visibility. I managed to make 408 seconds with my new
1.9 meter LDA model followed by Aram Shlosberg at 364 seconds (flying the
same model!) and Tom Vaccarro in 3rd with his familiar 6 panel model at 362
seconds. Ohad was unfortunate to finish 4th just 1 second behind Tom after
the rounding up of the fractional seconds.

The 2nd F1A flyoff began and Jama was 1st off and this time made a much
better launch closer to his usual standard and did 400 seconds for the win.
Shlomi had a stall at the top and did 243 seconds to place a good 2nd.

Yury Shvedenkov maxed out with his folder F1C's so it shows he's in good

I want to thank everyone for coming to our Canadian contests and hope to
see more of your here next year to fly on the biggest lawn in the world!

Tony Mathews CD

HURON CUP 2015 Results

Jama Danier Canada 210 180 180 180 180 296 400 2322 1 84286
Shlomi Rosenzweig USA 210 180 180 180 180 296 243 2008 2 1009245
Leslie Farkas Canada 210 180 180 180 180 244 1418 3 21370
Igor Fradkin USA 210 180 180 180 180 181 1292 4 725411
Todor Boyadzhiev Canada 210 160 180 180 180 910 5 57548
Vidas Nikolajevas Canada 210 180 180 180 141 891 6 73087
Chris Lenartowicz Canada 118 180 180 180 180 838 7
Tam Thompson Canada dnf dnf dnf dnf dnf 0 8

Tony Mathews Canada 240 180 180 180 180 408 1776 1 7762
Aram Schlosberg USA 240 180 180 180 180 364 1688 2 63367
Tom Vaccarro USA 240 180 180 180 180 362 1684 3 327506
Ohad Weisflener ISR 240 180 180 180 180 361 1682 4 422121
Fritz Gnass Canada 240 180 180 180 180 349 1658 5 9760
Ladi Horak Canada 240 180 180 180 180 334 1628 6 23028
Charlie Jones USA 240 180 180 180 180 321 1602 7 45287
Greg Simon USA 240 180 180 180 180 306 1572 8 71097
Carroll Allen USA 240 180 180 180 180 0 960 9 8395
Cameron Ackerley Canada 240 180 180 161 180 941 10 7446

Yury Shvedenkov Canada 240 180 180 180 180 960 1

Lee Polansky

Long time modeler Lee Polansky passed away this past week. Lee was on the 1971 USA Nordic team with Dennis Bronco and Hugh Langevin that was held in Goteborg, Sweden.  Lee had placed second to Dennis at the Albuquerque team finals in 1970. Lee was very active in the 60’s and 70’s flying many different events in local California and AMA Nationals. Lee loved flying Ron St Jean& rsquo;s Wizard designed models in many of the AMA gas events. The AMA Class A record was held by Lee in the late 60’s at 94:19 flying a Wizard. This record time broke his present record at that time of 70 plus minutes. Lee will be missed by those who new him for his love of life and good-natured personality. Condolences to his wife Suzanne for her loss.  



Roger Morrell