SEN 2040

Table of Contents - SEN 2040

  1. Gentlemen in Sweden
  2. Mongolian Updates
  3. VSM in Mongolia and elsewhere
  4. HEC Update

Gentlemen in Sweden

From:     per grunnet
At the E36 contest in Sweden June 27 I went to the fly-off with two German fliers, Karl-Heinz Haase and Mike Amthor.
We were allowed to decide when we wanted to start the five minute fly-off round - and we made an agreement to throw our models at the same time. Karl-Heinz counted, and we launched. All models climbed well - but mine D/T'ed two seconds after the engine stopped, and it landed at 30 seconds.
I had forgotten to reset the D/T-time after a trim flight with 5 seconds motorrun! Damn ...!
To my pleasant surprise Karl-Heinz and Mike came to me and said: We cancel this flight and ask the contest director permission to refly - and please remember to set your timer this time!
First I said thank you, but no - but they insisted, and then I said OK.
The contest director said no - quite rightly - so we did not make a reflight eventually.
This episode highlights what I love about free flight. We are competitors - and we are friends. Karl-Heinz and Mike showed sportsmanship in a way you will probably not find in other sports!

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Ansgar Nüttgens

Some additional remarks to the info from Leslie in last SEN 2035:

You find in the meantime all infos to VSM and HEC in Mongolia
on .

It is entirely up to you to select the day during the World Champs, when
you will go out for VSM. Sunrise will be around 6:15 and when you think,
that all W#Cups and the W#champs start at 7:00, you understand, that this

days leading up to the World Championships in Mongolia will be a good
opportunity to trim your models and make test flights in preparation for
the Fly Offs at the World Championships & World Cups. 

Flights on several days and making several VSM sessions will be also

to all, who are not visiting Mongolia th info:  you can also fly VSM
anywhere and anytime else in the world.  especially in Middle Europe ,
where in few weeks the harvest of cornfields start, is in end of July/
beginning the best time to go out in the morning for your personal
experience in VSM flying.  See my
report  from my last  year VSM flying.
I will wait excellent, calm weather and go again.



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