SEN 1882

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  1. How Much
  2. Jean Wantzenrieter

How Much ?

Dear SEN readers:
I am looking for some advice. Steve Helmick recently dropped
off his free flight models at my home as a donation to NFFS.  I am
unaware of their overall value, but maybe you can point me in a good
direction so I can find out.
There are several Superba and Junior F1A models complete and ready to
fly, and they look like they've never been flown. All covered,
mechanical timers etc.
There are a  couple of F1B models with nice motor tubes, tail booms,
connectors, etc. Several sets of prop blades: finished and not
They are all in a plywood model box along with some covering material
(silver mylar), NIB glider and Seelig power timers. There is a NIB
Piserchio winder that has not been completed.
I need some help in getting this stuff to some bodies who might be
interested in buying and using it. Best offer kind of deal. I will part out the
stuff if need be.
Thanks for your advice and help .
Bob Stalick <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

J Wantzenrieter

André Schandel reports the FB the death the well known French  rubber flyer Jean  Wantzenrieter.  Jean Wantzenrieter was a regular contributor to the Vol Libre magazine under the pseudonym of 007.  He was one of those responsible to the development of the PGI approach for trimming of Wakefield models. He wrote many well researched articles on F1B and other aspects of Free Flight. Jean was a Roman Catholic priest and had retired relatively recently.  He was a popular and internationally recognized figure in the Free Flight community.

Roger Morrell