SEN 1763

SEN 1763 - Table of Contents

  1. From the CIAM
  2. Norcal Champs
  3. Hannan closes the Runway

From the CIAM Meeting

in summary

2015 F1ABC World Champs to Mongolia, first time for Asia?
F1E to Serbia

RDT changes

F1A models may use radio control only for irreversible actions to
control dethermalisation of the model. Any malfunction or unintended
operation of these functions is entirely at
the risk of the competitor.

This change was made to permit RDT to extend the DT time as well as D/T the model.

Also RDT was extended to the provisional classes such as F1H, G, J,..

A further change, not specifically involving RDT but historically associated with it, was the proposal from the FFSC to remove the rule which does not give the 20 second attempt to F1A models which dethermalse – bringing F1A into line with the other classes.

F1Q EL changes

a) For models with energy limiters. The allowed energy amount starts
to be calculated with the launch of the model
and finishes when the ESC has stopped supplying energy to the motor.
If the energy limiter does not have the capability of detecting the
launching moment it may start its calculation from the beginning of the motor run. The
measuring device (EL) has to calculate the energy consumed in real
time. After coming to the end of the limited energy supply, the motor(s)
must stop irreversibly.The energy limiter must interrupt the impulse
signal from the timer to the ESC and cuts off the motor(s) in the
moment the given energy limit is reached, without need of interaction
of other devices. The ESC must always operate via its series
connection to the energy limiter and not with direct connection to the
timer. The timer stays independent, but the energy limiter may inform
the timer about the end of the energy supply.
For energy limit verification a measurement device is to be used with
the capabilityto start the measurement separately when the start
button of the model is released. This device is to be connected between
the battery and the model’s connectors via 3.5 mm male and female
bullet connectors. The measurement device must store the data of time,
current and voltage (or wattage). The sampling rate must be 5
samplings per second or better. The energy amount starts to be
calculated with releasing the start button of the model and finishes
when the ESC has stopped supplying energy to the motor

For models without energy limiters the motor’s energy in watt-sec
over the motor run is calculated as the measured wattage multiplied by
the motor run. A freshly charged battery (4.15 to 4.2 volts per Li cell,
1.2 volts per NiCad or NMH cells) should be used. After the motor has
reached full power, the power is measured at a time equal to the
nearest whole second below half the planned motor run. The power is
measured using a commercial wattmeter via 3.5 mm male and female
bullet connectors furnished by the contestant. The calculated motor run
should be clearly marked on the model.

More later ...

Oakland Cloud Dusters

24th Annual Northern California Free Flight Championships

Waegell Field, Sacramento California

April 27th 28th 2013

AAA Category III AMA Sanctioned Contest

An *America’s Cup and ^National Cup Contest

AMA, NFFS Nostalgia, Classic & Special Events, + SAM Rules Apply

Entry Fee: One Event $20.00, Two or more Events $35.00. $5.00 discount

with proof of NFFS membership for two or more events. Field Fee: 2012

Friends of Waegell” Card Holders Free, otherwise $5.00 per contestant.

Jrs. $2 per event, with no field fee.

Contest Directors: Bill Vanderbeek, Dick Douglas, & Fred Terzian (FAI)

ParticipantDrawing (to all who “enter”)$600+ in Prize Money

New!!! Special Drawing for F1 A-B-C Entrants--$100 on Saturday

1-Design: Hunter’s “1/2A Satellite” (Rudder on Stab Only) Tee Dee & Nostalgia Engines 1st $45, 2nd $30, 3rd $15

Contest Schedule

Saturday Events Sunday Events

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

*F1A Glider (seven rounds) *F1G Coupe (five rounds)

*F1B Wakefield (seven rounds) *F1H Towline (five rounds)

*F1C Power (seven rounds) *F1J Power (five rounds)

*F1P (.060 Gas Power) F1Q (Electric)

EITHER DAY--All Events must be completed on the same day

^Junior P-30 Rubber ^Classic Junior 1/2A Gas

^Junior Hand Launch Glider ^Junior 1/2A Gas

^Junior Hand Held Catapult Glider +“He-Man” Hand Launch Glider

Junior A-1 Nordic Towline Classic Straight Tow Glider

Old Time Small Rubber Cabin Old Time Small Rubber Stick

Old Time Large Rubber Cabin Old Time Large Rubber Stick

1/4A Gas E-36 Electric 1ST-$45 2ND- $30 3RD- $15

^1/2A Gas ^Mulvihill Rubber <150 & >151

^A-B Gas ^Moffett Rubber

^C-D Gas ^P-30 + Mass Launch 9:15 am Sun.

.020 Replica Old Time Hand Launch Glider

^HH Cat. & HLG plus combined Mass Launch 9:30 am Sunday Only

^Small Nostalgia Rubber OCD Catapult Glider

^ Large Nostalgia Rubber ^Classic 1/2A Gas

^1/4A Gas Nostalgia ^Classic A-B Gas

^Early 1/2A Gas Nostalgia ^Classic C-D Gas

^1/2A Gas Nostalgia A-B-C Ignition Old Timer

^A Gas Nostalgia 8 Ounce Wakefield

^B Gas Nostalgia 4 Ounce Wakefield

^C Gas Nostalgia Rubber Scale

NO ROW THIS YEAR!!! Vintage FAI Power

All “Wocks” Events—plus Mass Launch @ 8:45 am Sunday Only

Barbecue Lunch Saturday & Sunday!!! $5.00 per day

General Field Rules:

  1. Flight time max for all events except F1A, B, & C is 90 seconds.

  2. Gas events will have engine runs of 5, 6, 7 or 10 seconds, depending on event and 2010 NCFFC rules. Fly-off engine runs (except F1C) will be determined at that time.

  3. Rubber events, except F1B will be three maxes of 90 seconds each. Flyoff flights and times will be determined by 2011 NCFFC rules.

  4. Classic Towline Glider events will use 35-meter (115 feet) towlines. A line gauge will be on the field.

  5. Special rules will apply for Moffett, OCD Catapult, etc.

  6. He-Man Glider Rules: All wood construction (no carbon fiber, etc.) D.T. OK—Min. weight 1.5 oz (42.5 g). Min. Span 24”. Must have a name prominently displayed on wing—4 attempts, best 2 count.—All flights before 9:30 am—No use of thermal detecting devices—Time one, fly one.

FAI Events: One hour rounds beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m.

Sunday. Mini Events will be flown near contest headquarters. One-hour

lunch break on Saturday. Fly-off flights TBD, depending on drift conditions

Contest Information:

Bill Vanderbeek Fred Terzian Dick Douglas

26400 Purissima Rd. 4858 Moorpark Ave. 5303 Calderwood Lane

Los Alto Hills, CA 94022 San Jose, CA 95129 San Jose, CA 95118

1-408-472-0274 (cell) 1-408-725-1065 1-408-266-3598

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Marriott Courtyard Red Lion Inn The Venetian Court

10683 Whiterock Road 10713 Whiterock Road 11269 Point East Drive

Rancho Cordova 95670 Rancho Cordova 95670 Rancho Cordova 95742

1-800-321-2211 1-916-631-7500 1-916-635-4040 (Holiday Inn)

Directions to Waegell Field

Waegell Field is located southeast of Mather Field, near the corner of Sunrise Blvd. and Jackson Highway. From the Stockton area, it’s best to take Highway 99 north past Lodi and go northeast on Grant Line Road, just below the town of Elk Grove. Continue north on Grant Line Road until you cross an aqueduct then bear left at the signal light onto Sunrise Blvd. which heads due north. Cross Jackson Highway at the four-way signal lights. Count approximately 14 telephone poles from the corner on the right hand side. After that you will see a gate leading towards a sheep shed and pen. This is Waegell Field. Rev. 15.2 11-29-12

Hannan's Runway is Closing!!!
Dear Customer,

In case you haven't heard, we want to tell you that in one week,
after 27 years, Hannan's Runway is closing its hangar doors for good.  The
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P.S. We'll probably drop our runway@hrunway email address, but, after April
30th you can get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Roger Morrell